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Conatural - Allure Eyelashes
Allure Eyelashes - Conatural
Conatural - Allure Eyelashes

Allure Eyelashes

875.00 PKR



Natural & luxurious 

Universally flattering, these lashes give extra definition to the eye. This high volume lash has slightly longer ends, which gives it a tapered, fluttery and a more natural look.


  • CRUELTY FREE - Say no to mink.
  • 100% REAL HAIR - For a voluminous and real look that will not weigh down your eyes. 
  • PLIABLE BASE - For the best fit and most comfortable wear.
  • REUSABLE - Durable enough to wear over and over again. 

 How to Use Eyelashes:


Amina Raja from Amina Raja Makeup Studio loves Conatural Eye Lashes!



"My first ever try for eye lashes is Conatural’s ALLURE EYE LASHES. I chose them because they are affordable! The best thing about them is that they look beautiful and natural. Moreover, they don’t weigh down your eyes at all! You feel easy and comfortable wearing them. Do try them."


Momina Ammar

“I love both styles! Allure & Brilliance Eye Lashes by Conatural are light and easy to apply.”

Zeesha Sheraz

"My try of wearing Conatural's Allure Eyelashes was a success! I had a wonderful experience flaunting my dramatic lashes. It looked and felt so natural and light. Conatural had addressed this problem that most of us are worried about. A must buy for all those who want to add a little drama to their eye makeup like me."

Quratulain Jokhio

Gorgeous Summer Bride by Madeeha's Salon features Conatural's Allure Eye Lashes!

Madeeha's Salon

"I'm totally in love with these, especially because they are 100% real eye lashes and absolutely cruelty free. They can be worn up to 10 times, and you can easily create any day to night look with these making them an ideal purchase. They're an absolute steal for the quality they offer, and I will definitely get myself some more.
Right: Allure #2 lashes
These are the dramatic variant of the lashes line. They're perfect to support any occasion, and can simply be worn with a classic winged eyeliner and a red pout."

Fatima Aamir

Jadirah Sarmad uses Conatural's Allure Eye Lashes to complete her gorgeous makeup look! 


Jadirah Sarmad

Sun kissed makeup look by jjaveria_ssiddique features Conatural's Allure Eye Lashes!

Javeria Siddique

Mariam Qamar Makeup features Conatural's Allure Eye Lashes!

Mariam Qamar Makeup

Zainab Khalid from Makeup by Zainab Khalid shows three different smokey eye looks using Conatural's Allure Eye Lashes!

Makeup by Zainab Khalid

Faiza Nadeem from @thebeautyarenaa uses Conatural's Allure Eye Lashes for two different looks! 


Faiza Nadeem

"Love these Allure lashes by Conatural! Love how comfortable and wispy they are. A must buy for those who want to add some drama to their make up look!"


Miral from @miralsbeautylounge

"My absolute favourite are the eye lashes! They are beautiful, easy to apply and always look gorgeous. Conatural never disappoints, from packaging to quality and of course the results the products produce."

Fatima Saad from @makeupbyfatimasaad tries Allure Eye Lashes for different makeup looks! 


Fatima Asad

Maha Syed from @mahasyed_mua looks ravishing wearing Conatural's Allure Eye Lashes!

Maha Syed

Laiba from @laibastutorials creates a Mermaid look using Conatural's Allure Eye Lashes!

"I have been using both the eye lashes - Allure and Brilliance. I must say I feel so proud having a company like this in our own country. I just love the quality of their products. All their products are must-haves but the lashes stole my heart! They are easy to apply, reusable and affordable!"

Laiba Sher Khan

Afshan Shaukat from @afshanmua_1 adds glam to her eye makeup by using Conatural's Allure Eye Lashes!

Afshan Shaukat


conatural-allure-eyelashes conatural-allure-eyelashes


Hina Shah Makeup Lounge

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