Intense Growth Hair Oil

100 ml


Feel the difference! Our product is absolutely FREE from Parabens, Triclosans, Phthalates ,Mineral Oil, Silicones, Artificial Fragrance and Artificial Colour.




This oil strengthens hair roots, accelerates hair growth and prevents split ends. 


Shake well before use. Gently massage into scalp and ends of hair. Then work on massaging into main length of hair. Allow oil to work for a minimum of thirty minutes. Cleanse post treatment with shampoo. For best results, use Intense Luster Hair Oil on hair and ends with this product. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with warm water. Discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs.


Please note this is a vegan product.

This product should be used within two years from manufacturing date. Period after Opening: 12 months

  • Do not use on cut, broken or irritated skin
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • If irritation or rash appears, discontinue use.
  • Do not use if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store under 30°C and out of direct sunlight.
  • For external use only. 



"Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil to the rescue! With only five uses I already notice an incredible difference in length! Awaiting a miracle oil that transforms fine hair to thick hair - thanks in advance to Conatural!! Loving all the reviews and excited to get my hands on the instant glow face mask next to try!"

Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari

"I love the hair oils! They wash off easily and made my hair very soft and bouncy and perfect for busy days and shooting schedules!"

Ayesha Omer

"Long over due little review about my favorite product! Been using it for about three months! The Intense Growth Hair Oil is my favorite, it has made my hair feel and look thicker. It has helped my back combed damaged hair bounce back healthier and thicker. Try it out and see..!"

Cybil Chowdhery

"I absolutely love the Intense Growth Hair Oil; it has improved the length of my hair It's like the products nourish you and love you."

Mawra Hocane

"Because I work in environments that are rough on my skin I choose my hair and skincare very carefully. So I've gone the Shisedo, La Prairie, La Mer, Clarins routes and switched creams endlessly over the years. Today, I ONLY use Conatural products, other than an extra SPF sometimes.Of course Conatural's magical Intense Growth Hair Oil is now legendary and I use it once a week to make sure my hair remains soft and hydrated. It makes an immediate difference! Organic, toxin-free, gentle on the skin and hair and smelling like heaven, I am a total Conatural woman for life!"


Nadia Jamil

"My hair has not been this thick for a very long time. After using Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil, my hair has become stronger and thicker. Really happy with the overall result."

Fatemah Abbas

"I just want to tell you that I have been using almost all of your products from the oils (Intense Growth Hair Oil, Intense Luster Hair Oil, Argan Oil) Dead Sea Mud Mask, Restorative Eye Gel, Ultra Body Butter, Activated Charcoal Detox Bar and I'm still ordering further can't get enough. I honestly love them my hair looks gorgeous even though I just dyed them weeks before and my hair were quite dry after using oils my hair looks amazing I love it when my friends compliment me 'hair goals' I'm like no please go and thank Conatural. And not to forget the simple and cute packaging is really worth ordering something online. Thank you."

Shifa Makhdoom

"I started using Conatural's hair oils 4-5 months back۔ I was experiencing serious hair fall at the time and a lot of hair loss also. Someone told me about these oils especially the Intense Growth Hair Oil. I started using it then and within 4 weeks the hair fall stopped. Didn't stop using it. Today all the patches where the hair had fallen have MA new growing hair!"

Syma Waleed

"Take it from someone who has had a horrible hair thinning problem. I've tried almost every product that promises to be organic and promote hair growth and add volume to hair and all that stuff. Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil is the ONLY product that actually showed me a change in my hair. Use it regularly and you will definitely get the results you want. Thank you team Conatural for coming up with this product and providing me with instructions about the correct usage. Keep up the good work!"

Mah E Lukah Faisal

"Due to some health issues and hair treatments like rebounding and highlights my hair became so thin, lifeless and fragile this past year. I was surfing the net one day and came across reviews about Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil. I ordered it in January 2016 and patiently waited for results since all herbal products take time to bring change. Within a month, I observed hundreds of tiny new hairs emerging. The oil improved the texture of my hair after first use. It speeded up regrowth and made my hair appear thicker and fuller all at once. Results can take anywhere from weeks to months to become apparent so it’s important to be patient and follow the regimen exactly. Drinking more water, eating a balanced diet, and taking a daily multivitamin and supplements like Biotin can also help speed up hair regrowth.  I am so happy to have Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil as my go-to essential that I cannot live without. My hair is now very strong, shiny and thick."

Husna Khalid

"I have had hair fall since one year and I was using several products but then i have heard about Conatural's products after which I had the best experience. When I started using Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil, my hairfall stopped. Then I start using the Hair Repair Conditioner which makes my hair shiny and smooth. I will recommend to all you girls out there to use these products, spending your money is worthy on these products."

Mariam Zahra

"Hello Conatural team. I have used two of your products and the results are amazing. Your delivery services are so good that I received my parcel before time :) Anyway, your Intense Growth Hair Oil is superb: it's made my hair look so smooth and healthy and I also got rid of my dandruff. Thanks a ton for this amazing product, I just loved it."

Sana Nasir

"I have used your Intense Growth Hair Oil and it has made my hair soft, healthy and long and has given my hair a beautiful look, it's so good and shiny now, love it. Wonderful experience using Conatural, your products are amazing."

Hibba Meer

"Due to too much straightening, my hair looked dead and rough but thanks to the Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil, my hair has become much thicker and my split ends have almost vanished - over all, a remarkable result."............Thanks to Conatural for such an awesome product ?."

Verda Zaib

"Hey!! I actually had burnt my hair a year back... After trying so many different products and even different hair cuts, I wasn't satisfied .. I missed the volume and texture I used to have. Well, while ordering *tbh* the Intense Growth Hair Oil, I thought it will be as usual as with other products usually advertised.. But after 2 weeks of use, I was quite sure that its working.. And it really does... Now am using these products as my favs.. Started getting my look back along with texture and volume .. And Now wants to try something from skin care and will surely do.. regards."

Saleh Jutt

"Before using Conatural's products, I was experiencing extreme hair fall but as soon as I started using their Intense Growth Hair Oil, I must say that I'd seen the visible results from the very first use. Now its almost 2 months and it's work wonders for my hair: it's become stronger and more voluminous. I think its my lifetime need now and I'm lovin' it."

Rabia junaid

"I finally used Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil and I luv the smell of the product. My hair surely feels healthier, fuller and more bouncy and the texture is just amazing...totally in luv with my hair. I tried the Organic Massage Oil and Organic Lip Balm too...I just luv the products!"

Fatma Hasnain Gardezi

"I had been going through Conatural's name over and over on my facebook page and hearing it from friends around, so I thought to give it a try. I think this was the nicest thing I've done for my hair and skin in forever! The Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil don't only transform hair but it's a aromatic treat for your senses as well, I find this deeply relaxing and de-stressing! Thank you Conatural! Looking forward to trying your entire range :)"

Kanzul Fatima Arif

"I was tired of my split ends and hairfall.  I used the Intense Growth Hair Oil and my hair has become silky, healthy within 15 days. Thanks Conatural."


Sabaa Rehman

“I am absolutely in love with Conatural’s products. Been using the Intense Growth Hair Oil for my hair as well. The oil enhanced my curls and lessened the frizz. Super happy!! Attaching a picture that I took right after I woke up. Makes me feel good everyday!! Yay!!” 

Saba Sharjeal 

"My name is Sophia Al Khawar and I work for a foreign mission as a commercial officer. Thank you very much for the products that you have introduced. I have been using your Intense growth Hair Oil which has helped me combat the hair loss. Can't wait for more exciting products."

Sophia Al Khawar

"My hair never felt better & I’m so glad that I came across this product after all these years of trying different things.  Conatural Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil are the best oils out there and smell beautiful too. Definitely made my hair strong, silky & shiny. And they appear healthier."


Arooj Ashfaq

"I was having highly fizzy and spilt ended hair. I was gone through many products for years but that was not that satisfactory at all. So I was finally suggested by this product. When I tried this product Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil, it came with amazing results just in few days. This product is made with love really! It is something boosts your hair growth so fast with healthy hair! The fact is all the ingredients are natural. Now I’m having fizz free and more lustrous and shiny hairs. Am really impressed by the result of products its packing and delivery service! Simply i can say it was a great experience with this product I loved it and I will look forward purchasing more products of "Conatural”. Thanks CONATURAL."


Hashmat khan, co-founder of page OUR VINES

"I was tired of my split ends and hair treatments. I remember the day I decided to cut my hair and make it so small that nobody notices. I used Intense Growth Hair Oil and my hair became silky and shiny within 1 week the results were evident. Thanks to Conatural! I highly recommend you all!"

Marium Minhas Bandeali

"I heard about Conatural so many times but i ignored it earlier. One day while visiting a friend, she told me about the Intense Hair Growth Oil. For the first time in my life, I ordered something online and got the oil. Just a month passed and I couldn't believe how well it worked. The volume of my hair has been restored to its original glory and appears shiny. Rs. 1800 is worth this feeling. Late but at last after trying millions of things Conatural just made my life."

Simrah Siddiqui

"Thanks to the humidity this summer, my hair fell quite a bit after every wash. My sister recommended the Intense Growth Hair Oil and I ordered it online. It arrived beautifully labeled and packaged, sprinkled with rose petals, and a stack of complimentary recycled gift cards. I fell in love with the product and brand before I'd even used it. Thanks CONATURAL!"

Laleen Khan, Media professional

"I've had thin hair all my life but recently I experienced an excessive hair fall which worried me.
The first time I was introduced to the intense hair growth oil I wasn't expecting the results to be any different than what I've experienced so far with all the other brands who claim to have natural ingredients but the products fail to provide the right service. But with the Intense Growth Hair Oil, I must say it really serves the purpose. In no time not only did I notice a dramatic reduction in hair loss but my hair became shinier and softer too. All in all it was a great experience and this is the only hair oil I've used that hasn't been a waste of money. It really works. Thanks Conatural!"

Nida Naseem, Fashion Merchandiser

“I am using the Intense Growth Hair Oil by Conatural. Must say the product is amazingly WOW!! I feel my hair more soft, shiny & strong after using Intense Growth Hair Oil. I am absolutely in love with Conatural Products and will definitely try the whole range. And yeah I recommend these products to all!!


Beenish Fatima

"I have been using Conatural for more than 2 months now. I came to know about it on Facebook. I tried the Intense Growth Hair Oil after consultation with their team and I am so happy as my hair has visibly become thicker and longer. I am a regular user of your product and a very happy customer."

Farhat Rabia

"I am an advertising professional. I always avoided oiling my hair due to my hectic and tiring schedule, hence suffered hair fall. I have been using the Intense Growth Hair Oil for the past few months and it is amazing!! The result is visible and the oil has become a part of my daily ritual as its super easy to wash out!!! So happy with the products!!! Two thumbs up."

Uzma Akhter

"So happy to join the Conatural family --- I have been using the Intense Growth Hair Oil for two weeks now and I have seen remarkable changes. My hair has gone from flat, thin lifeless to shiny, volumized healthy tresses in such short time. Couldn't thank Conatural enough, and looking forward to using many more of their products."

Khizra Rani

"I have used the Intense Growth Hair Oil as instructed - even the first time result is just awesome. My hair is so soft, smooth and silky. I can't stop myself from running my fingers through my hair. Excited to use more products. Thank you!"

Rozina Rizwan

"Hi, I have been using Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil and I am so happy with the results my hair feel really soft and silky and the best part most organic products don't smell so good but Conatural's hair products smell so great. Everything is amazingly good and I can't wait to try all of your products range. I’m so glad Conatural introduced these amazing products in Pakistan. Thank you."

Iqra Riaz

"I have looking for something natural and pure for my skin as it has been ages to see my skin soft again. Every beauty product comes with claim of being natural but haven't proved itself even near to it. My search of miracle for my oily hair's hairfall has come to end when i found ths beautiful thing on earth. Hairfall has been in control now by the Awesome Intense Growth Hair Oil. Its been just a month and Alhmdulilah im satisfied and recommending this to my every friend and gonna order ths fr my sisters too. Loved the originality of their claim of being natural. Surely gonna try other products soon."

Amna Mumtaz

"I have used various Conatural products over the last 7 to 9 months and I simply love them.
After the first use of Intense Growth Hair Oil, Intense Luster Hair Oil and Instant Glow Face Mask; 7-9 months back, I wanted to rush online and rave about Conatural's amazing products. But I held back, wanting to be sure of their goodness in the long run, as I had problematic skin and hair fall. Now, after using them regularly with great results, I have to acknowledge that yes Conatural products are very effective. Neither the prices have increased nor the quality deteriorated over the period of time.
I have been using Conatural Intense Growth Hair Oil, Intense Luster Hair Oil, Instant Glow Face Mask, Dead Sea Mud Mask, Ultra Body Butter and recently started using Repair Shampoo and Honey and Oatmeal Cleansing Bar. Even my 10 year old daughter uses some of these products.
Not only the products are good with results but such wonderful smell, the packaging and delivery service with fresh red petals adds a very personal touch. Appreciate it!! Thanks"

Dr. Fatima A. Shah

"Your products are amazing like wow WOW!! No doubt, they are like magic, I used the Intense Growth Hair Oil, it works very good my hair look very soft and shiny. I want to try your all products keep it up!"

Atia Assad

"No more long boring oiling or cleansing sessions! Been using Conatural since a year now, started off with the Intense Growth Hair Oil which smells great and is easy to wash off! Cant wait to try out more from you guys!"


Afrah Chaudhry

"Have recently started using Conatural products: the Intense Growth Hair Oil is amazing, smells great n left my hair silky and frizz free & I felt an amazing difference and shine in my hair just after its first use. P.S- The best thing about Conatural is that the products are skin friendly and free from artificial ingredients."

Tabina Habib

"The Intense Growth Hair Oil left my hair silky and the dry ends felt healthier after only a few applications"

Mehrunissa Sammi, Teacher

"I am really pleased by Conatural Products: the Intense Growth Hair Oil & Intense Luster Hair Oil are so awesome and smell so beautiful. I am proud of you guys! Above all, I would like to thank the coverage staff and team who not only gifted me the Dead Sea Mud Mask as it was sent wrong but they also fixed it within 24 hrs. The hair oils are making my hair very smooth and are giving me immense relaxation."

Syeda Hamda Raheel 

"Conatural products are some of the very few products that deliver results, are completely natural and have absolutely zero side affects.The hair care oils have become a life line now. Just after a few applications there is a notable difference in the quality of your hair and most importantly it does a lot of damage control and for people who regularly style and color their hair this is a must have. I'm really impressed with Myra and Rema's resourcefulness in bringing such fantastic products to Pakistan."

Sahar Mahmud, Make-up Artist

"Honestly I’m in love with Conatural’s products; I just used Intense Growth Hair Oil. After first wash I felt incredible shine in my hair absolutely loved it, want to try other products too."                                          

Hareem Sheikh

"I used the Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil together for the first time for only half an hour and it made my hair extremely soft, frizz free and I didn't need to use any styling product or gel! I thoroughly recommend the oils for every one who is looking for a hair treatment with incredible results!'

Shehryar Taseer, Businessman

"The search for an absolute-natural-product-range has finally come to end: CONATURAL,newest addition to my routine. It has so easily replaced almost all of my previous products that never reached to a full satisfaction; starting with the Intense Growth Hair Oil which is like reached-in-heaven for straight fine hair that needed a boost from a good long while. The cream has wiped off any dryness that I had and the sebum production has become minimal, my fav atm! Thank you, Conatural"

Sumbul Lohana, Med Student

“I absolutely love Conatural’s products - they have increased my hair growth and given me perfect shine and volume without a blow-dry. My favorite  part about the Intense Growth Hair Oil is it's smell. I am in LOVE with the smell! One should definetly go for Conatural products to get amazing results :)”


"The Intense Growth Hair Oil made my hair feel fuller and softer after just one week. Can't wait to see what the long term results are like. The bonus is that everything smells really nice. Very excited about trying other products from the Conatural range!"

Tanya Sami, Housewife

"7 months ago I was panicking!! My wedding day was about to arrive and I had done nothing for myself because of my Job I didn't get time to pamper myself. One month before the wedding I saw Conatural and its products and read testimonials of happy customers (didn't know I’d be writing one myself someday). These products seemed different and natural. So I ordered "30 Days To A Beautiful Bride - Face & Body Combo Pack" and it was delivered quite soon. I was surprised to see that the products were more than I expected! The fragrance, texture everything! I couldn't wait to get my hands on them! The Intense Growth Hair Oil is also just awesome, baby hair started to grow within 2 weeks. Now I've been using it for quite sometime and I have felt good change in my hair.  Thank youuu conatural! #happycustomer."


Nudrat Umair 

"I'm completely in love with the Intense Growth Hair Oil! I haven't used it enough to expect unrealistically fast hair growth, but what I love is that it leaves my hair so so voluminous! I had given up on oiling many years back because it was a pain to wash out all that oily residue, (which in turn weighed down my hair), Conatural's oil, was not only easy to wash out but it left my hair shiny and full of body! (With that sexy oomph, not the frizzy fluffy one). Conatural has definitely impressed me and has already made a place for itself in my skin/haircare regimen".

Sahar Baloch

"Since i'm a doctor I never get enough time to get hair treatments and facials, I have NEVER experienced a hair product like the Intense Growth Hair Oil before . After using it my hair was smoother, silkier and glossier and it smells amazing. I definitely recommend the Conatural products to everyone!!"

Dr Joza Khurshid, Pediatrician

"Hands down Conatural is the best company that has ever been created. I love the hair oils, especially the smell, which is super good, a big thumbs up to Conatural and keep up the good work. Their team is so friendly and they are always there to guide and advise you on anything you ask them. Stay blessed."

Zainab Jamila Haq

"The result of the Intense Growth Hair Oil is visible and this oil has become a part of my daily ritual! My hair feels healthier and thicker - I strongly recommend this oil for all those who colour their hair and have a finer texture. Its helped me a lot and I absolutely love it! Nothing like soft breezy hair without having to even do anything. And best of all, it's natural!"


Maheen Ghani, Psychologist

"Tried this beauty. My hair has such a soft texture now even though I've only applies it once. It gives your head a cooling and light-weight effect while having a nice fragrance to it. It's a must try!"

Mahnoor Shafiq

"The Conatural line of skincare is fantastic! The Intense Growth Hair Oil really is a blessing. Hair loss has been a major concern for me the past year or so and just after a few uses of the Intense Growth Hair Oil, I'm now noticing a significant difference in the quantum of hair falling off. The hair oils, when used together, also leave my hair feeling super soft and shiny. If hair loss is an issue at all, I would definitely recommend giving the Conatural hair oils a try!"

Zainab Salahudduin, Corporate Lawyer

"So your Intense Growth Hair Oil is nothing short of magic. I have only applied it five times so cant much gauge the hair growth. But my hair feels so super soft and voluminous after using it. Since more than a year my hair has been so dry and no matter what oil I used, it would remain stubbornly rough. I don't even feel the need to condition my hair anymore! Not giving this review would have been pretty selfish!!!
P.S. I feel like giving you guys a virtual hug. Yay."

Ghazal Zaidi

"Simply in LOVE with these 100% natural skin and hair products. Conatural products are not only effective, they are available in variety as well. I myself used their Intense Growth Hair Oil and found immediate results. Highly recommended, there is something for everybody amongst all of the products. Can't wait to try the rest of the Conatural products."

Maryam Farrukh Rashid

"I'm too glad to use this product. Thanks for giving us a great hair oil. I feel my hair more soft and strong. "Feeling Good"!!!"

Rida Mansoor

"I am using the Intense Growth Hair Oil and yup I can say it does work... Looking forward to use other Conatural products as well"

Zahra Mughal

"I am currently using three of your products that include Intense Growth Hair Oil, Intense Luster Hair Oil and Instant Glow Face Mask with Radiance Oil....... And OMG i love them all. My hair are softer and there is no hairfall which was my major concern for last couple of years. N my skin is as soft as a baby and i have recommended Conatural to all my friends. The products are simply amazing!"

Maria Shahzad

"As soon as I opened the package I could smell roses , I’m amazed how you made an effort to give customers a pleasurable experience from the moment we open the box. I ordered the Intense Growth Hair Oil  and the Intense Luster Hair Oil but I wasn’t expecting them to be this good.. I’ve tried tonnes of products for my issues with hair fall ranging from vitamins to oils to shampoos etc. But honestly your oils have worked a miracle on me. I’ve just used it 3 times the past week and literally my hairfall has gone down by huge numbers. The best part is they smell amazing so I don’t need to worry about them leaving a intolerable scent behind. Over all I’m loving the oils. Can’t wait to try the other products and will surely be ordering more once I run out."


Khaula Khan

“Thanks for the delivery just received my order and I’m simply lovin it! Intense Growth Hair Oil is a life saver for me as I used every other product in the market and it wasn't working well for me but Conatural came to my rescue and now I am just lovin it. THANKS a lot!”

Yusra Jamil Siddiqui

"I’ve been using the Intense Growth Hair Oil since last month. Omg! It has amazing effects on my hair. They’ve become healthier and soft plus I’ve gotten rid of hair fall! Reallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!! Thanks Conatural!"


Minam Akber

“I just loveeee the volume and shine my hair has got after using Intense Growth Hair Oil! I am happy that I ordered it! I think I am in love with Conatural products! xoxo”


"Using three of your products and never been happier with the results...I'm using the Intense Growth Hair Oil, Intense Luster Hair Oil and Instant Glow Face Mask with Radiance Oil. You guys are amazing. ..!!!"

Ayesha Amir

“Hi, I have been using your Intense Growth Hair Oil and it's super effective. Keep up the good work!! Xx”

Maha Iqbal

"I went through a lot of punk phases like dying my hair in all different colors & my hair has been cut off a million times i tried to restore it but it wasn't until I used Intense Growth Hair Oil that it began to feel virgin-undyed soft, shiny hair again and improved texture. I love this and swear by it."

Hira Ali

“I have used a kazillion product like Clinique, Mac, saeed Ghani etc but nothing felt like Conatural. The first time I used the Intense Growth Hair Oil, I could see a remarkably amazing difference in my skin and hair texture. I am simply in love with the products and planning on using them forever IA, 100% natural ingredients are used in these and other products of this brand which makes it stand out amongst other brands who claim but yet do not use all natural ingredients."

Fatima Khan

"Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil was one of the first hair oils that didn't feel like I had oil on my hair, no smell at all and was easy to wash oil leaving my hair smooth and lush"

Omar Momand, Businessman

"Hi there, I am running my own designers lounge Having a hectic schedule daily l neglect myself a lot, I was looking for some product that l could use to nourish my hair as well as give it life & shine, A product which l would apply wash & my hair is ready for the busy day I came across Conatural’s post on my timeline. I just felt like giving it a try so l ordered the Intense Growth Hair Oil & Intense Luster Hair Oil after discussing my problem with the concerned. I have been using this product for 6 weeks now I feel my hair texture is smooth & silky. It falls less, is easier to handle & I am ready to go anywhere without straightening or blow drying. I am very happy. Thank you Conatural!
Respects, Ayesha Hamza.”

Ayesha Hamza

“Hey!! I'm Shahrban. I used your Intense Growth Hair Oil. And I feel an amazing difference and shine in my hair. Thank you Conatural”

Shahrban Javed

“Hey! I have been using the Intense Growth Hair Oil for the past few months and it is amazing!!! The result is visible and the oil has become a part of my daily ritual. I love the smell and it's super easy to wash out!!! Absolutely love it!!! Thank you!!!”

Mehwish Hassan

"I am a medical student and I have had a hair fall problem since I started my MBBS. I started using CONATURAL Intense Growth Hair Oil two months ago and the result is amazing. I recommend this product to everyone. Thank you so much! "

Alee Sarfraz

“Used Conatural Intense Growth Hair Oil, it was too good and the length of my hair is very long without any split ends and good texture. Thank you Conatural”.

Bakhtawar Anjum

“I am using the Intense Growth Hair Oil by Conatural. Must say the products are amazingly WOW!! I feel my hair more soft, shiny & strong after using Intense Growth Hair Oil. I am absolutely in love with Conatural Products and will definitely try the whole range. And yeah I recommend these products to all!!


Beenish Fatima

"Have recently started using Conatural products and I'm addicted! The Hair Oils are amazing; They smell great and leave your hair silky and frizz free."

Izza Sami

"I use conatural products for my skin and hair. The Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil mixed together strengthened my hair within a month of use. I love Conatural! "

Areeba Magsi, Housewife 

"Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil did wonders for my hair! I was very much worried about my hair fall but then I found this oil which really showed me perfect results! This oil's fragrance is worth it! It made my hair soft and shiny and I just love my hair texture now - this oil is complete magic! A product worth buying - highly recommended!"

Noor Asif 

"I had dry, dead hair with a great deal of hair loss due to rebonding. One of my friends recommended Conatural Intense Growth Hair Oil, at first I was not sure, because I had used so many products with no good results. So I started using this product, and the result was seriously magic. All I did was use this oil and wait patiently. And within a year my hair is not only super soft but also healthy and shiny! A must have for all the lovely ladies out there who are struggling with hair issues!"

Tuba Baluch  

"I am a big fan of Conatural products! I've tried so many brands, but now I've finally found the right one. I am amazed with the results of Intense Growth Hair Oil! It gave my hair instant volume and made them look very smooth."

Muzzamil Ramzan

"I have tried so many brands that claim to accelerate hair growth and fight hair thinning and hair fall but I still wasn’t satisfied. I even consulted a dermatologist, but didn’t get desirable results after using different sprays, hair oils and shampoos. I just wasted my money and lost hope. I was so worried about my thin hair that I decided to give Intense Growth Hair Oil a try. Alhamdulillah, after 5 applications, I can see the visible results! New hair is popping out. Thanks to Conatural, I got back my confidence."

Aliyan Jahangiri

"I have been using Conatural products for over 4 months now. Currently, I'm using Intense Growth Hair Oil. It's magical! I use the oil on alternate days. After the second wash, I could feel a change in my hair texture! My hair became super soft and manageable. Plus, the hair fall reduced! I am a happy customer of Conatural. Love you guys! Great work!"

Zainab Butt

"Thanks Conatural for introducing these natural & organic products! These products have no side effects. My hair fall reduced after using Intense Growth Hair Oil!"

Sophia Mahmud

“There are times when you are too confused about products that would actually work and suit you. I first started using Conatural a year ago. With its wide acceptance among its consumers, it has now become one of the most trusted brands in the market. I frequently use their Intense Growth Hair Oil. Everything is amazing and beyond my expectations. Thank you Conatural for making us look more beautiful!”


Ammara Tasnim

"I have always been very keen on using natural products for my skin and hair care but was disappointed having used lots of brands who claim to be natural! Conatural is completely different, it actually does what it says. So Conatural has become my favourite brand for skin and hair care now. I am glad that I tried it and I am definitely going to continue using it and recommend it to everyone.
Conatural’s Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil smell divine and have given my damaged hair a new life making them more manageable and healthy.
All of your products are really amazing, can’t wait to try the whole range."

Asma Habib

"I want to thank Conatural for this amazing Intense Growth Hair Oil! I am so in love with it. This oil helped strengthen my hair. I have been using this since 1 month now and I must say there is a noticeable difference in the length and texture. I have stronger and longer hair now! Plus, my hair fall had reduced after using this product❤."

Laiba Sher Khan - Laiba's Tutorials


“Love all the hair products by Conatural! Especially the INTENSE GROWTH HAIR OIL – It’s just amazing. Got rid of hair fall! Thanks to Intense Growth Hair Oil, I love my hair length. Now I can enjoy different hairstyles without worrying too much about damaging my hair. I call it ‘The Magic Potion’ 😍”

Sara Shahid

"Just used the Intense Growth Oil 2-3 time and I can already tell that the results are amazing!! The roots of my hair have strengthened more than ever and I have observed a visible reduction in the hair fall by 75%! My hair are getting thicker and stronger after every use. Without a doubt it is the best hair oil in Town!!!"


"My mother-in-Law is diabetic and her hair fall have increased rapidly (which is a side effect of the medicine she have been consuming). I saw your post and ordered Intense Hair Growth Oil and Hair Fall Shampoo. The results were awesome. Now she uses these two products regularly twice a week. First she massages the intense Hair Growth Oil then shampoo her hair with Hair Fall Shampoo. With its regular use I have observed that her hair are getting thicker. I have recommended its use to the other family members as well."


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