Conatural will not take or distribute a picture or photograph of any person without his/her consent or knowledge. All testimonials that are posted are sent in by clients and are true and accurate to Conatural’s knowledge. We have internal policies in place to make sure that all testimonials are coming from legitimate sources.

Posts & Comments By The Public

Conatural’s Social Media pages, according to the Pakistan Cyber Crime Law 2016, and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Policies, will not tolerate any posts or communication that are considered:

    • Trolling
    • Spamming
    • Cyber Stalking
    • Obscene, vulgar, contemptuous, or indecent in nature
    • Making any suggestions or proposals of an obscene nature
    • Causing harm or violence to a person

      *Conatural’s Social Media Pages adhere to strict rules and such posts will be immediately removed and reported. Any issues arising from the above can be communicated to us at sales@conaturalintl.com