Sniff Your Way to Bliss with Conatural Essential Oils

Essential Oils In Pakistan

Sniff Your Way to Bliss with Conatural Essential Oils


Do you know that some scents can actually make you a happier person?

A sniff from your old clothes or toys might remind you of your childhood while the signature scent of your favorite person might remind you of them. The aroma of freshly baked cookies might remind you of the time you used to bake cookies with your Nani as a kid. These scents help bring some nostalgic feelings, which is not just a coincidence, there is a whole science behind it. With our sense of smell, we can actually revive our past feelings due to the fact that they trigger our emotions. It is like a super power that God has blessed us with. Sounds like a fairytale!

Essential oils serve the same purpose. Organic essential oils are volatile liquids with high concentrated ratios of plant extracts that bring positive changes to our mood. They are a gift of Earth extracted from specific plants, body shrubs, trees and flowers; offering an alternative to synthetic products. Sniffing your favorite essential oil can not only uplift your mood but also help in stress reduction. We all hustle to make our lives happy every single day. Who knew that a drop of your favorite essential oil has enough power to do so.

Want to make anyone happy? Gift them their favorite essential oil from Conatural. It works wonders!  

Potions of happiness:

Remember Harry Potter? So many of us have spent our childhood reading those books. It was so exciting when they mixed different potions to create tonics for their survival at Hogwarts!  Ahhhhh! What a cool life that would be! Unfortunately, we can just imagine that! But we can actually enjoy different essential oils for the same purpose they used potions at Hogwarts; that is for the survival in this human world by relieving stress. And you know what the best part is. Essential oils have fresh soothing fragrances unlike the disgusting concoctions Harry used to make!

Let’s discuss these human world potions that can relieve anxiety and ease agitation in more detail:


  1. Citrus Potions:

Why do most surface cleaners and dish washes have a citrusy smell? Point to ponder. It is because citrusy smells are considered clean smells that are known for their anti-bacterial properties. Same goes with the citrus essential oils that are famous for their cleansing properties. These magical concoctions will help to reduce the feeling of stress and stimulate mental and spiritual vigor with their tangy and vibrant scent. Conatural provides a bunch of citrus essential oils like Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Citronella Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil to make you feel fresh!

Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  1. Floral Potions:

Do you know that the flowers that you take to the hospital to see a patient is not just a kind gesture but it actually works as an effective positive distraction for them by reliving their pain, induce sleep, and lowers their stress level? Same goes for the floral essential oils. The combination of classic and timeless scents helps in mood balancing and sleep induction. There is a positive physiological and psychological feeling to the scent. Conatural’s Lavender Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil and Neroli Essential Oil are a great pick me up if you want to relax and enjoy floral scents.

 Lavender Essential Oil
  1. Herbaceous Potions:

Do you love bare footed long walks on green fresh grass? Then, you are going to love herbaceous essential oils extracted from fresh leaves, herbs and trees. Herbaceous essential oils have a unique mix of lush spring - like scents that help us balance our emotions. Conatural’s Organic Eucalyptus essential oil and Tea Tree essential oil not only calm you but also have some great antifungal and antiseptic properties

 Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  1. Minty potions:

Who doesn’t love bracing, fresh minty aroma? Conatural’s Peppermint Essential Oil with its cooling and clearing properties helps improve concentration levels, relieve inflammation and treats general respiratory disorders.

 Essential Oils In Pakistan
Organic Essential Oils
  1. Earthy potions:

That musky scent of soil after rain is something everyone enjoys. Conatural Cedarwood Essential Oil is the perfect example of musky, soft aroma that helps create a hypnotic atmosphere around you.

Essential oils contribute to your positive vibe and help you control your anxiety and stress levels. So, change your vibe with Conatural essential oils and get ready to take on the world with a smile!


Neroli Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil