A to Z of Skincare

Get gorgeous naturally from head to toe. Get to know more about the A-Z of natural and organic skincare:

A Argan oil


Conatural’s pure, unrefined, certified and organic Argan Oil from Morocco, also known as "liquid gold" provides the ultimate luxury for your skin, hair, lips and nails and it’s naturally high in Vitamin E, making for a vibrant, youthful appearance.

B Beeswax

Secreted by honeybees themselves and scraped off on the sides of the insides of the honeycomb, beeswax is a marvellous natural thickening agent for skincare products. It’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, attracts and keeps in moisture, is packed with vitamin A to promote cell regeneration and readily heals wounds and scars.

C Crow’s Feet


Crows' feet are the small wrinkles which appear around the eye, typically starting at the outer corner. As implied by the name, crows' feet look sort of like the foot of a crow placed right on the corner of the eye.  Conatural’s nutrient rich Restorative Eye Gel contains extracts of Indian Madder (Manjistha) and Aloe Vera that help cool the eye area, reduce puffiness and swelling, minimise dark circles those dreaded crow’s feet. Regular use protects and brightens the eye area too.

D Dead Sea minerals


Dead Sea minerals are scientifically proven to show great results in the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, skin disorders including acne and breakouts, seborrhea, dandruff and rheumatism to name just a few. Since the days of Cleopatra, Dead Sea minerals have been used to bring out gorgeously nourished, smooth skin. Conatural exclusively brings to Pakistan its range of Dead Sea products like our Dead Sea Body Scrub and Advanced Super Revitalise Whitening Cream.

E Eczema

Symptoms include itching, redness and flaky patches. Eczema is caused by inflammation of the skin and excessive dryness. Natural remedies include rubbing mashed up falsa leaf paste on the affected area. Conatural’s Dead Sea Mud Mask and Dead Sea Body Scrub are also effective in the treatment of eczema.

F Frankincense

Originating in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, Frankincense is a resin derived from the Boswellia tree. It is used as an essential oil (obtained by steam distilling the resin) in various applications including aromatherapy.  It was one of the three gifts given to Jesus by The Three Kings. In Ayurveda it is referred to as dhoop and has been in use for treating arthiritis, maintaining healthy and glowing skin, increasing fertility and purifying the air.

G Glow

Who doesn’t want to glow?? Conatural’s Instant Glow Face Mask provides an instant brightening effect on skin. It naturally lightens the skin, improves skin tone and texture and smoothes out blotchy areas. It fights dull and flaky dryness and is perfect for acne prone skin. It removes dead skin cells and creates a fine film on your skin that acts as a natural moisturizer and improves collagen deposition and activation of immune cells within the skin.


H Honey

Honey is wondrous for the skin in so many ways. It’s able to attract and retain moisture and has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and provides antioxidant support to repair damaged cells. Conatural’s Honey and Oatmeal Cleansing Bar can be used on your face and body, providing nourishment and gentle, exfoliating care.

I Indian Madder

Indian Madder or Manjistha is one of the oldest medicinally used herbs known to man. It effectively cures acne and clears discoloration of the skin. It has a therapeutic effect on the nerves and calms anxiety. Find Indian Madder in Conatural’s Restorative Eye Gel and Saffron Complexion Builder for even toned and smooth skin.

J Jojoba

Jojoba Oil is ideal for healthily hydrating skin because it mimics the natural oils in our bodies resulting in a soft but "un-oily" appearance. Native to Southern California and Mexico, jojoba oil was popularised after bans were imposed on the use of whale sperm oil in cosmetics and skin care products. In addition to its various skin and hair care and aromatherapy applications, jojoba biodiesel is being used as a cheap and effective substitute to petroleum diesel.

K Keratin

Keratin is a key structural protein comprising the outermost tough and elastic layer of hair, skin and nails. Keratin treatments have empowered frizzy haired ones to walk out into a drizzle or haze without fear. On average, a keratin treatment to the hair claims to reduce blow dry time by 40-60% and this effect ordinarily lasts for a magical two and a half months. Conatural’s Hair Repair Shampoo contains keratin to naturally maintain the strength and flexibility of the hair without any loss of volume.

L Lip Scrub

Treat your lips to a deliciously sweet treatment with an exfoliating lip scrub. Most lip scrubs are sugar based: the sugar gently scrubs away dry and dead skin while moisturisers and oils hydrate and polish to unveil supple, baby soft lips. Regular use evens out and brightens lip colour and prevents free radical damage and fine lines around the lip line.

M Melanin

Melanin is the term applied to the broad group of pigments that give human beings colour in their skin. Albinism occurs owing to an absence of melanin which colours not only the skin but also the hair. Melanin content in the skin is increased by exposure to the skin and those individuals with higher melanin contents in their skin are less susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer.

N Neroli

Neroli oil is extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Orange blossom and neroli oil are both extracted from the same blossom but neroli is steam distilled while orange blossom is extracted using a different process called enfleurage. Both oils are used only in perfumery and aromatherapy. Neroli oil is also reportedly one of the ingredients that make up the secret Coca-Cola recipe.

O Oil


Oils are of many different types, some that you eat, some that you use as fuel and some in your skin. Oil is not your enemy, an excess of oil in your skin is. The skin is kept healthy, supple and nourished by a delicate balance of oils. Similarly, your hair is strengthened and provided the necessary nutrients, Vitamin E, etc. by various oils either naturally found in your scalp or by oils that you apply for extra hair care. Conatural’s Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil provide a blend of oils that are all specially formulated to love your hair.

P Parabens

Parabens are able to effectively stop your favourite everyday products from ruin by stopping bacteria and types of mould and fungi in their tracks. The inclusion of parabens is a cheap and effective way to maintain the freshness of your beauty regimen even in the steamy dampness of your bathroom. On the other hand, parabens are known endocrine disruptors: that means they wreck havoc with your hormones. They also are absorbed into your bloodstream and are stay there. All Conatural products are formulations without any parabens.

Q Vitamin Q (Coenzyme Q10)

Also known as ubiquinone, it is a fat-soluble substance present in all human cells. It is responsible for protecting the cells and producing energy for the body.  Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has positive effects on the effect on skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It is known to reduce UV damage and stimulate healthy collagen production.

R Rose water

Rose water is excellent for use as a toner for dry and/or sensitive skin, reducing redness and inflammation owing to its natural astringency. Rosewater is a great pick-me-up: it can be used during the day to control sweating due to hot flushes and summer prickly heat. In addition, it will also restore elasticity and suppleness to the skin.

S Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

This surfactant is the specific sulphate that is proven to be detrimental to health. It creates the magical lather in our shampoo routine and being found in over 90% of personal care and domestic cleaning products, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) has recently generated increasing concern. SLS erodes your hair follicle and impairs new hair growth, with studies even showing that pure SLS used on your hair will cause it to completely fall out. There is increasing evidence that SLS and the accompanying salts that create lather are causing greater numbers of women to lose hair and accelerate hair loss amongst men. All Conatural products are absolutely SLS free.

T Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been used by aboriginal Australians for over 2000 years to heal cuts and bruises. It is popularly used to treat various types of acne conditions. It's anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory. Tea tree oil is also popularly used to treat dandruff, psoriasis, bad breath and even teeth plaque.

U Ubtan

Ubtan is traditionally applied by brides & bridegrooms as an important marriage ritual in India and Pakistan. Moreover, ubtan is great for evening out your skin tone and reducing the appearance of cellulite in the skin your body. Conatural’s Better Than Ubtan Face and Body Scrub with Radiance Oil is a must-have for brides to be! For whiter, brighter, softer, exfoliated and toned skin use it as a substitute to traditional ubtan.

V Vitamin E

Scientifically referred to as Tocopherol, Vitamin E is an incredibly effective and beneficial antioxidant whether taken orally or applied topically. It builds resistance to the sun’s harmful radiation when taken over long periods of time.

W Water

You are what you eat should more correctly be changed to you are what you drink and what you drink most often should be water since so much of your body is composed of it. Essential for overall health and well-being there is no treatment more important for optimum skin and hair than adequate hydration.