How To Tend To Your Hair This Winter!


How To Tend To Your Hair This Winter!

As women, your hair is one of the most beautiful accessories that you carry and one must make sure that they always look sensational. We are always on the lookout for tips and tricks to style our hair and finding the best product to suit our hair type, but the search is now over. If you are struggling with dry hair due to excessive dyes and chemical products, Conatural has got you covered!

The brand new Hair Growth Shampoo and Hair Volume shampoo are the answers to all your queries, that’ll help you own your hair without any hassle and empower you in your natural look! To make yourself look and feel beautiful every day, Conatural brings an ultimate range of hair care products to suit your needs.

All hair types

If you’re wondering whether our latest Hair growth and Hair Volume Shampoos would suit your hair type or not, then the answer is YES! Our products are specially curated for all hair types. From straight, to wavy or even curly hair, Conatural serves all women to treat their beautiful mane with the best products in the market. All products made out of love and care for you!


Organic and Natural

Today, with so many chemical products in the market, it is challenging to find the right product for your hair. Your hair deserves the best ingredients that make them longer, stronger and voluminous. Conatural is proud to announce that all its skin, hair & body care products are made up of organic ingredients because we care about you and the planet. While protecting your hair from damage, we ensure all our products to be free from all sorts of toxic chemicals that take your natural shine away!

Cruelty free

Conatural is a proud name when it comes to cruelty free products. Ensuring the best for our ladies, the brand is determined to be kind to the environment that is why all the products manufactured and purchased by Conatural claim to be cruelty-free which means that it has been developed without any test on the animals. With healthier ingredients, our aim is to let you buy hair care products that means less damage, hair fall and tangling.

Sulfate and Paraben Free Shampoos

Did you know sulfates cause hair loss and thinning and parabens are one of the potential cancer causing ingredients? It is very difficult for a regular shopper to know these details because brands do not make them aware of this. The only difference between a normal shampoo and a clean shampoo is the ingredients used in it. Conatural ensures that it provides sulfate and paraben free shampoos to the women out there so none of the harmful materials are used on your hair and the natural moisture present in the scalp is retained which is stripped off otherwise.

Women have always remained stressed and upset due to numerous hair troubles that have circled them. With a number of products in the market, one is always baffled about which one to buy because all of them appear to be aesthetically pleasing. Going all natural may feel discouraging initially but you will realize that it is the best decision that you have made and you will question what took you so long to make the switch!

Conatural’s Hair Growth and Hair Volume shampoos bring to you a myriad of benefits. Your hair is important so do not compromise on quality, ever! Achieving the look that you want at the expense of your hair quality is the not the best solution so Conatural brings you natural and organic shampoos to provide the scalp with a nurturing effect and to give your hair the strength and volume that you desire. Repairing the damaged follicles and providing a smoothing, hydrating look at the same time is the key. Conatural does it all with its natural, organic and cruelty free products!