5 Dermatologist APPROVED things You Should Follow!

5 Dermatologist APPROVED things You Should Follow!

5 Dermatologist APPROVED things You Should Follow!


Everyone has been following Instagram and Tiktok trends and we all have collected way too many skin care and hair care products. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. We all have been taking advice from influencers who are not skincare experts. You see a video and someone suggests the best skincare products for winter and you just buy it impulsively. But here comes the most important question: have you ever gotten in touch with a dermatologist regarding your skin? We can hear a NO already!!

No one knows skin issues and their solutions better than a dermatologist. At Conatural, we believe in getting an expert’s opinion so here is a list of what leading dermatologists think you should do! Thank us later as these tips and tricks are going to change your skin game FOREVER!

Have you ever done a skincare audit? Do it NOW!

We know skin audit sounds like a new thing. Well, it is not. You need to start OBSERVING what you are applying on your face. Read the label, know the ingredients, and make sure not to use expired products EVER on your skin. This rule applies on every product you use on you face, body, or hair. To all the men and women out there, please do not use expired products on your skin. There is a common misconception that beauty and skincare products do not have an expiry date. However, every beauty product comes with an expiry date, please do not ignore it.

Scrubbing does not mean over-scrubbing!

Scrub in the morning, scrub in the night, and doing it thrice a week is going to make your skin scream for “HELP”. We understand you want to get rid of dead skin and dirt but be gentle. To cap it all, a lot of women prefer using scrubs that include harmful and harsh chemicals. Try using natural scrubs and exfoliator like better than Ubtan Face & Body Scrub. Make sure you moisturize your skin after using a scrub.

Pay attention to your neck and eye area!

Do you pay too much attention to your face and neglect your eye area and neck? Your eye area and neck deserve your attention too. Just massage your eye area gently with any best moisturizer. It is a good idea to massage your neck with an organic carrier oil. You can use Sweet Apricot Kernel Oil or Rosehip Oil to massage your neck. This will boost elasticity and tighten your skin.

Stop following dangerous Instagram or TikTok skincare trends blindly!

We are in 2022 and we have seen enough. Removing your makeup with glue, creating your own eyelash serums and glues, making your own tint, getting fairer by using dangerous ingredients and what not. No matter how desperate you are to get on this bandwagon, the leading dermatologists do not want you to. Anything you see on your screen is not worth trying. If you want to a trending hack, please consult your dermatologist before doing so.

Take Maskne seriously

 “Oh the acne? It is because of the mask I guess.” It is necessary to wear a mask and everyone must wear one, but you need to take your maskne seriously. Keep on changing your mask and do not wear one mask for more than 6-7 hours. The acne that forms around your nose and mouth is called ‘maskne’. You can get rid of it by using Tea Tree Essential Oil. If you have acne prone skin, you can also use Tea Tree Face Wash which is best face wash for acne prone skin. Take your acne seriously and if it gets worse, consult a dermatologist.