3 Products For The Best Hair Days This Fall!

3 Products For The Best Hair Days This Fall!

3 Products For The Best Hair Days This Fall!

Summer time might be great for a number of reasons but sun, salt and environmental stressors damage your natural hair. To top it all, if you bleached your hair, got extensions, heat-styled them daily and used products that include harsh chemical, hair damage is unavoidable. The transition of summer into fall affects your scalp and hair texture. You are most likely to experience excessive hair fall and volume loss.

Get Rid Of Harsh Chemicals!

With Conatural around, it is never too late to revive your hair. Your hair care products make a huge difference in this regard. To get voluminous and healthy hair, you need to cut out parabens, silicones, sodium lauryl sulfate, and preservatives from your hair products. Natural hair care products transform your hair like nothing else does. You will feel a difference in your hair length, texture, and volume. It is high time to hit the reset button with Conatural’s new shampoo variants and organic conditioner.

Hair Growth Shampoo By Conatural!

Hair Growth Shampoo is the secret weapon which will leave you with longer, shinier, healthier, fuller, and voluminous hair. It has Biotinyl which is a form of hair vitamin, Biotin. It stimulates hair growth and triggers keratin production in hair. It also includes Apigenin which also stimulates hair growth. Hair Growth Shampoo also includes Oleanolic Acid, Peppermint and Pea Peptide. These ingredients increase blood circulation and hair growth. Pea peptide is an ultimate source of essential amino acids. Lysine also plays a significant role as it is a vital building block of human cells. Peptide strengthens follicle stem cells and keratin in the Hair Growth Shampoo smooths cells that overlap to form hair strands, leading to healthier, longer, and fuller hair. Keratin leaves your hair less frizzy and reduces the look of split ends as it bonds the hair back together. It also has vegetable proteins which strengthen your hair and reduces damage. This Hair Growth Shampoo is infused with UV protection which is a great thing as it protects your hair from sun damage.

Hair Volume Shampoo By Conatural!

Save your strands and bring volume to them with Conatural’s Hair Volume Shampoo. Everyone loves voluminous hair and if there is anything you need this fall for extra bounce and volume, it is the Hair Volume Shampoo. This shampoo contains Amino acids which protect hair follicles and promote density. It also has high quality Keratin which gives you smooth and soft hair. You will also see a huge reduction in your split ends. This natural formula also has vegetable proteins and Almond Oil. If you want stronger, voluminous, and fuller hair, Hair Volume Shampoo is all you need. This one shampoo is going to reverse the effects of chemical treatments and excessive heat styling and will decrease hair thinning in a couple of weeks only!

Hair Repair Conditioner By Conatural!

Last but not the least, Hair Repair Conditioner by Conatural nourishes and strengthens your hair. The best part about this conditioner is that it is organic and it does not damage your hair in any way. There are many conditioners in the market which cause loss of volume, however, this conditioner does not affect the volume and density of your hair. Get your hands on this organic conditioner now and get silky, smooth and healthy hair. This conditioner is SLS free, Paraben Free, Silicone free, Sulfate free, allergens free, Triclosan free, and provides UV protection.

Add these 3 products to your hair care routine and get fuller, longer, and stronger hair!