Dried, Wrinkled Skin? 3 Ultra-Moisturizing Steps to Get Through Winter!

Dried, Wrinkled Skin? 3 Ultra-Moisturizing Steps to Get Through Winter!

Dried, Wrinkled Skin? 3 Ultra-Moisturizing Steps to Get Through Winter!


Cocooning yourself in layers of warm clothes is not enough in winters; there is one more thing that needs your attention - YOUR SKIN!! Your skin needs extra attention and protection as the dry weather can affect your skin horribly. Indoor heat and its dry effect takes a huge toll on your skin. If you do not want wrinkles to show up sooner, please make sure your skin is ultra-moisturized.

The most pressing question in this regard is, ‘How to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day?’ The answer is very simple; facial oils, moisturizers and emollient creams. You will come across a number of options but make sure you know what you are applying on your face. This is important because many moisturizers that claim to be the best are totally useless for your skin because they just form a thick layer on your skin instead of nourishing and hydrating it from deep within. Stay away from binders and texturizers and get organic and natural moisturizers for your skin and body. Clean formulas will replenish your skin and you will see a visible difference in how your skin feels and looks!

Make Facial Oils your Best Friend!

People will tell you that oils are not too great for your skin, but don’t follow such advice blindlt! There is nothing better than massaging your face twice a week with your favorite Facial oil. You can use any carrier oil as these are the best natural moisturizers. These exquisite oils not only nourish your skin but also keep it hydrated. Start using facial oils in your skincare routine and you will be amazed by the results. Facial oils transform your skin intensively and the results speak for themselves. The best part is that you can add essential oils for better results. If your skin is acne prone, you can add tea tree essential oil in it. Gently massage your skin and get rid of dry, wrinkled, and tired skin this winter.

Get the best moisturizer for winter: ESSENTIAL DAY CREAM!

Essential Day Cream is a super moisturizer which is specially formulated for extremely dry and wrinkled skin. It is organic which means it has no chemicals. Essential Day Cream is a light weight formula which sinks instantly in your skin. The potent ingredients in Essential Day Cream support your skin’s health and leave you with soft, healthy, and nourished skin. This can be used as a night cream as well. The formula includes Organic Apricot Oil, Cocoa Butter, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Red Algae Extract, all of which nourish your skin to the core. The aforementioned ingredients are essential for your skin’s health as they reverse the early signs of ageing. If you want soft and supple skin this winter, get your hands on the Essential day Cream now and revive the appearance of your skin with this best organic face moisturizer.

Lastly, we apply Age Defying Serum!

Have you ever been told by an aunty to not use anti-aging serums and creams because they tend to speed up the ageing process? If yes, then please just ignore them! You need to start using Age Defying Serum and Cream right after you turn 25. These highly active products work their magic to make your skin plump and firm. Conatural Skin Renew: anti-aging serum nourishes your skin and enhances luminosity. Moreover, if you are looking forward to a healthy glow in 2022, make sure to add Age Defying serum to your daily skincare routine for increased skin elasticity and suppleness.