Get Your Acne Prone Skin Ready For Changing Weather

Get Your Acne Prone Skin Ready For Changing Weather

Most acne sufferers can relate - breakouts are just inevitable around the change of season. For many, the cooler weather is a pleasant change while for some, it can bring about bouts of acne flare-ups. As your wardrobe keeps changing with the seasons, so should your skincare.

Essentially your skin needs minerals to function properly and to maintain its natural moisture balance. When your natural moisture retaining barrier is compromised in any way, that’s when the problems begin. Your skin is producing oil at the same rate as in the summer months but decreased temperatures and cooler air also mean that dead and dry skin is piling up. The result is that excess oils and impurities are remaining trapped beneath these layers of dead skin.

We’ve identified two of our incredibly handy products to help combat breakouts and to make sure that your skin weathers these fall months swimmingly! Here’s how:

  • Any given time of the year, Dead Sea mud can be an effective natural acne treatment because of the ability of the mud to absorb oil and impurities from the skin and hence, leaving you with clean and unclogged pores.

  • Dead Sea mud contains a whole host of minerals: a signature essential blend that is unique to the Dead Sea. All these are crucial to the attainment and maintenance of healthy skin by treating, cleansing, exfoliating and maintaining proper hydration.

  • Zinc contained in Dead Sea mud enables and enhances the skin’s natural cycle of cell growth and regeneration. It additionally stimulates collagen production that is also beneficial for renewing your skin. It effectively regulates the production of oil and sebum, an imbalance of which is the leading known cause for acne and breakouts.

  • Potassium, also found in Dead Sea mud enhances nerve signals that are vital to maintain proper hydration in the cells, helping them absorb adequate nourishment and to eject waste and impurities. Potassium deficiency is commonly linked to acne because adequate levels of potassium are essential to maintaining clean and clear skin.

  • Many well-known acne fighting aids such as benzoyl peroxide are effective but incredibly harsh and drying to the skin, especially in the case of older skin that’s already prone to over-drying. Dead Sea salts have a high sulphur content that is a natural and gentle alternative to high powered chemicals for purifying the skin, especially for acne sufferers. Gentler alternatives to fighting acne also mean less flare-ups and allergic reactions and reduced scarring.
    • Charcoal is widely known for its health benefits and since it also absorbs oil, sebum and dirt, it is particularly well known in it’s ability to fight acne and keep the skin clean and free from breakouts.
    • The skin’s pores allow impurities and toxins to enter your body. Using activated charcoal on your skin may not only expel impurities from the skin but even beneath the skin.
    • Activated charcoal possesses antibacterial properties that can also help alleviate infections and even prevent them from taking off.
    • The mild grit in the activated charcoal will actually help in exfoliating the skin and sloughing of layers of dead, fall-induced dry skin, helping to thoroughly clean the clogged and inaccessible pores below.
    • Lastly, activated charcoal can help to reduce the size of your pores, not only making your skin look clearer and more even-toned but also to prevent larger quantities of foreign matter and bacteria to enter your pores.