3 Best Tips To Beat Dry Winter Lips


3 Best Tips To Beat Dry Winter Lips


If your lips are cracked and sore this winter, you are not alone; we are all in the SAME boat. We all have been fighting against chapped lips in winter season since ages and the struggle continues to date. Cracked lips are a result of cold air and less humidity. Dry season causes cracked lips but you can always protect your skin by using natural and organic skincare products. You should buy lip care products to keep your lips soft and smooth. Our lip care routine is very simple and basic because you just need to exfoliate and hydrate your lips. If you follow this routine religiously, you will see the greatest transformation of all times.

We’ve all read numerous articles regarding an amazing 10 step skincare routine which will give you flawless skin like you’ve never seen before, which most likely includes a cleanser, moisturizer and toner but nothing specific for lips other than the basic balm. If you want soft, pink, and smooth lips, start using the Conatural Natural Lip Scrub and Best Natural Lip Balm. Trust us, your lips would never have felt this way before.  

Tip #1: Do Not Forget To Exfoliate

Have you ever tried a lip exfoliator? If not, it is high time you buy one. When your lips have dead skin and barriers, any balm or hydrator you apply on your lips will not yield the desired results. In order to keep your lips properly hydrated, you need to exfoliate your lips at least twice a week. Get a natural exfoliator for dry lips and you are good to go. Conatural has the best lip scrub in Pakistan which will remove dead skin and will leave you with smooth, soft lips. Not only this, make a habit to rub your lips with a warm face towel before applying your favorite lip balm for best results. You can shop lip exfoliator online as well.

Tip #2: Keep Them Hydrated

After exfoliating your lips, do apply a lip hydrating moisturizer. We all carry a lip balm in our bags, don’t we? There is no better way to keep your lips moisturized and hydrated than a lip balm. You will come across many lip serums too but the most convenient way to keep your lips hydrated is the lip balm in your bag. Using lip balm twice a day keeps your lips hydrated enough. There is another side of this story. Many people think using lip colors is equivalent to applying lip balm on your lips. Please stop doing this ASAP! Putting a lip color on your lips makes them drier owing to the other ingredients in the lip color.

Tip #3: Repair

After exfoliating and hydrating, the next tip is to repair your lips with natural oils. You can also use carrier oils for your lips. Almond oil and Sweet Apricot Kernel oil are very effective for cracked lips. Carrier oils also have the effectiveness to heal any cuts and soothe irritation. Oils also keep your lips moisturized for a very long time. You can also use Castor oil to keep them healthy. As a matter of fact, there are a number of lip masks in the market which are actually very effective. You can make your own lip mask at home as well. Following these 3 tips is going to give you silky-soft and pink lips in a couple of days only!



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