Caring For Under-eye Skin

Caring For Under-eye Skin

Caring For Under-eye Skin

It is widely acknowledged that the eyes are windows to one’s soul. Keeping them fresh-looking and free from fine lines and dark circles is of utmost importance for any natural beauty. Dark circles, puffy under-eye skin, fine lines and wrinkles can persistently continue to impair the otherwise beautiful you. Imagine life without having to cover up with tons of concealer!

Lifestyle choices and even genetics are what are mainly responsible for puffy eyes, dark circles and redness. Puffiness specifically is more often than not caused by water retention while redness is mostly brought on by allergic reactions or excessive rubbing or irritation to the eye area.

We’re including some helpful tips for you to get clear and vibrant skin under the eyes. In addition to these tips, always remember that a holistic, well-rounded approach is the best approach when it comes to getting beautiful skin and keeping it that way.

Cut down on the salt

Reducing your salt intake will reduce the amount of water retained by your body, in turn reducing puffiness. It will also mean that your body is adequately hydrated and able to flush out trapped fluids from your under-eye area.

Remove makeup gently

The leading cause of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles is physical aggression towards the delicate skin under the eyes. Always be gentle when handling this sensitive skin. Remove makeup using a soft cloth or cotton ball or simply wash your face with a mild soap (like our Daily Essentials Face Wash) and warm water. Face oils like argan, almond, coconut and amarula are also effective eye make-up removers that additionally provide moisture and nutrients.

Nourish from the outside in

Providing nourishment and moisture externally to your skin is as important as keeping it healthy from the inside out. Conatural’s Restorative Eye Gel is nutrient rich with extracts of Indian madder (Manjistha) and Aloe Vera Gel which are both known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, healing and rejuvenating properties. Indian madder particularly is highly revered in Ayurveda as varnya: that which improves the complexion and aids cleansing and detoxification. Aloe vera gel is a powerful anti-aging cure that helps tighten up loose skin. It can deeply hydrate the skin and because of its gel-like consistency, will not leave any greasy residue. Remember to apply this eye gel or cream with a light tapping motion, rather than a rubbing motion.

Eat well

Getting enough fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are crucial for maintaining healthy skin under the eyes. Antioxidant-rich foods such as kale, berries and fish fight free radical damage from wreaking havoc on your skin. Vitamin E rich foods such as eggs, nuts and avocados regulate collagen production and keep droopy, saggy and puffy eyelids and under-eye skin at bay.

Sleep plenty

It goes without saying that adequate sleep and rest for the eyes is important to bright and beautiful skin around the eyes. Since less pressure is exerted on the eyes, they are allowed to rejuvenate, maintain their suppleness and elasticity and remain correctly hydrated.

Sun protection is crucial

Sun exposure can be damaging to any skin and even more so to the delicate skin around your eye area. Fine lines and wrinkles are most often caused by free radical damage: a result of prolonged or unprotected exposure to the sun. Using sunscreen is one of the best known ways to protect from damage caused by the sun and with many kinds out there, you are sure to find one that adequately fits your lifestyle and skin type. Sunglasses are also very effective in blocking out harmful rays that not only damage your skin but can also cause cataracts to form within your eye itself. 

Enrich with oils

Massaging the skin around the eyes with natural oils provides them with regularly needed doses of Vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals that will keep it nourished and supple and help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Try Conatural’s organic Argan Oil that provides deeply moisturizing nourishment.