Ask Coco: Help, My Hair is Falling Off!

Ask Coco: Help, My Hair is Falling Off!

Ask Coco: Help, My Hair is Falling Off!

Hi guys! You have all been sending lots of questions and I am so overwhelmed by your response. I’ve gotten questions in a great abundance but I am going to start by answering the most pressing questions first. Everyone is curious to know the solution to hair fall and damage. Ayesha Ali sent the following question my way:

Hi Coco, I am 22 years old and over the past couple of weeks, my hair is increasingly falling out. This is definitely not normal hair fall. I just spot my hair everywhere; on my pillowcase, in the bathroom, on the floor, literally everywhere. I just cannot figure out what is wrong with them or me. Please help!

Dear Ayesha,

There is nothing wrong with you. There are a number of things that trigger hair shedding and hair damage especially during fall and winter. Healthy and luscious hair is everyone’s dream; yet the first thing everyone needs to understand is their hair type and texture while the second thing to take care of is the transition of your hair from summer to fall. This change in weather affects everyone’s hair and the only way to keep your hair fall under control is to get rid of any harmful chemicals in your haircare routine. Whether it’s your harsh shampoo formula or hair treatments using products that include toxic chemicals like SLS, Silicone, Sulphate, Triclosan, Artifical Fragrance and Parabens! If your hair is falling more than normal around the months of September/October, please protect your hair from harsh hair treatments. It is highly essential to keep your hair healthy and nourished without inflicting any damage on them, which can be done easily by using organic hair oils, shampoo, & conditioner.

During the time of fall and winter, hair becomes less shiny, brittle, and dry!

We cannot overlook the effect of change in weather on hair. Almost everyone these days is complaining about hair fall. If you are physically healthy and you do not have any underlying medical conditions, this hair fall is likely to be natural and there is nothing to worry about. You can control this hair fall by eliminating all the harsh hair products and hair treatments from your routine right away.

What work’s for hair in the fall & winter?

Organic hair oils:

The foremost products you should be using for your hair are organic hair oils. Conatural has a wide range of organic hair oils which give you longer, stronger, and voluminous hair. I have been using their Intense Growth Hair Oil which has been formulated using 12 different essential oils and carrier oils. Whenever someone uses it on my recommendation, they say ‘it is like a magical oil”. I apply Argan oil on my roots too for shiny and silky hair. These oils coupled with Aloe Vera Gel is everything my hair needs during the cooler months!

Use an organic hair shampoo and conditioner!

If you are using the shampoos available in the market which claim to be organic but have the worst chemicals in them, your hair fall is not going to stop. I took one decision 3 years ago and it has changed my hair life. I never appreciated organic and natural products until I tried them out myself. Their magical results are unparalleled. Also, conditioning your hair makes a huge difference. This will control frizz and dry, brittle hair.

I have heard Conatural is launching new organic shampoos for all hair types. Just like their Hair Repair Shampoo, the new organic hair growth shampoo will help boost hair growth while hair volume shampoo is for those who have been craving voluminous and bouncy hair for a long time now. I am so excited and want to try them as soon as they are launched!