5 Acne Treatment Tips for Teens!

5 Acne Treatment Tips for Teens!

5 Acne Treatment Tips for Teens!

Out of all the tough things that teenage brings along, Teenage acne is one of the worst. The frequent breakouts on your skin can affect your lifestyle and it may trigger self-confidence issues. If you are a teenager, be prepared to welcome these uninvited guests of all sizes and shapes. Are you tired of applying concealer again and again to cover your pimples? Though there is no absolute solution for this as a number of factors cause acne in teenage years, here is how you can control your teenage acne to a great extent!

TIP #1: You Are Not Alone!

The first and foremost factor while dealing with teenage acne is the realization that you are not alone. Acne is very common in teenagers and is nothing to worry about. It can be irritating since it disturbs your routine activities and you become overly conscious about your skin and how it looks. Acne comes to life as a result of excess oil produced by your body. Acne bacteria thrives quite well in your skins oils and to cap it all, stress, hormonal imbalance, dirt, and dead skin make the skin worse, leading to breakouts. Primarily, acne in teenage years is due to the androgen hormones in both sexes. This causes your skin to produce more oil which leads to acne. It is important to stay calm and deal with acne patiently since stress only makes acne worse!

TIP #2: Have a Solid Skincare Routine

Having a solid skincare routine can play a significant role in controlling acne and breakouts. You just cannot sit and wait for the acne to heal itself. A pimple can go away on its own after a few days but acne is not going to vanish on its own. To get rid of acne, you need to have an active skincare routine. Double cleansing, exfoliating, masking, and keeping your skin hydrated can help in controlling breakouts. If you do not have an active skincare routine, your acne could get worse and you can get acne scars. If you are experiencing a breakout, make sure you come up with an effective skincare routine. Try to use organic skincare products for teens as these products are going to take care of your skin while targeting your acne simultaneously.

TIP #3: Double Cleanse with an organic Cleanser Twice Each Day

Your acne is never going to go away if you do not cleanse twice a day. This is the first and most basic step in your skincare routine. It is recommended to use chemical-free mild natural cleansers to wash away impurities. Sweating and dirt buildup can make your acne worse, hence it is essential to make sure that you wash your face in the morning and evening and keep your pores clean. You can use Conatural face wash for oily and acne prone skin. Another important step that should never be forgotten is to take off your makeup before going to bed. For this, you must use the Organic Cleanser and Make-up Remover by Conatural. This organic makeup remover will keep your pores clean and your skin hydrated.

TIP #4: Use Organic Products with Acne-fighting Ingredients

It is essential to add products in your skincare routine which have acne-fighting properties. Using Tea Tree Essential Oil and Neem can help against acne. In addition to this, the best cleanser for acne prone skin is Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash by Conatural. It is highly effective against acne and blemishes. As it is specially designed to target acne and blemishes, it is advised for you to use it twice a day. You can also get the Acne Solution Bundle by Conatural, which is a 3-step skincare routine for teens. All you have to do is cleanse your face with Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash. The next step is to moisturize your skin with the moisturizer for acne prone skin aka Saffron Complexion Builder. This moisturizer is a lightweight formula which gives your skin the hydration it deserves. The third step is to dab Tea Tree essential Oil on your pimples and affected area using a cotton bud. Make sure to do a patch test first and remember to mix the Tea Tree Essential Oil with a carrier oil if you want to apply it on your entire face.

TIP #5: Stop Touching your Face

Last but not the least, do not touch your face. No pimple popping and not touching your face is going to help you with deal with acne. If you touch your face regularly, the bacteria gets transferred onto your skin which causes acne after mixing with skin oils. Moreover, regularly wash and clean your makeup brushes and blenders. Avoid touching your skin and you will see a significant change in your skin within no time!


Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash
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