Expiry Dates: A Recommendation Or Requirement?

Expiry Dates: A Recommendation Or Requirement?



It hurts when you have just bought yourself new products to follow Gigi Hadid's 12 step skin care routine but then you realize that those products are not going to last very long! Quite often we forget to follow our skincare routine because we have to get up at 7 in the morning and head towards the office or school.
Or we don’t get the chance to apply our favorite natural moisturizer onto our face because the product expires before we could finish using the whole bottle! It hurts ladies. I know it hurts!

Expiry Dates: A Guide To Product’s Effectiveness:

Have you ever noticed that a product’s expiry date has passed but it is still looking fine to you? You use it and it doesn’t even cause any reaction! Yes, it’s true that a product with good quality and packaging can last longer if it is provided with the right environment. The product may not cause any reaction if you use it after the expiry date has passed but it may lose its effectiveness. Which means that your skincare regime is not going to show the results that you expect!

How Long Is My Skincare Product Going To Last Once It’s Opened?

Almost all skincare products include an expiry date on them but if not then you need to look for a specific symbol which is basically an open cream container with numbers like 6M (i.e. 6 months), 12M (i.e. 12 months) written on it.

This symbol is called the Product- After- Opening (PAO) symbol. This symbol is an indication for how long a product can be used after it has been opened, without causing any harm to the skin. Then again, it does not mean that this is the exact same date on which the product is going to expire. If you see any crumbling, funky smell, mold, or the separation of oils in the product even before its expiry date then it’s time to ditch that product right away.

Which Products Are Likely To Go Bad More Quickly?

Products that have all-natural ingredients like your Vitamin C serum and Retinol can easily go bad if not taken care of. Moreover, products like eyelash growth serums are likely to carry more bacteria than any other skincare products as the moisture in our eyes can be a cause of bacteria’s livelihood in our favorite serum. So, it doesn’t matter how close that serum is to your heart, you need to discard it after every 3 months or say hi to eye infections.

When Is It Time To Toss Away Your Skincare?

It depends on how the products have been stored. If the instructions are followed properly, most of the products can last from 6 months to a year. Products with good packaging remain fresh for a longer period.  But if you notice any change in color, weird smell or sting on application, wipe it off immediately and bin it.

Ways To Prolong The Shelf Life Of Your Favorite Skin Care Products:

Good news! With the adaption of the following hygiene practices, you can prolong the shelf life of your products:

  • Always wash your hands and cleanse your face with any natural face cleanser prior to using skincare.
  • Good packaging can be a lifesaver for organic skincare products. Invest in products that have a pump on them as scooping out product with your fingers can also get some bacteria into the product. But if you already own such products and don’t want to throw them, try using a clean spatula to take the product out of it.
  • Store your products in a cool dry place. Read the instructions carefully. Bathroom may not be the best place to store your products as the humidity and moisture can destroy the formula of product. Moreover, placing your products near a window is more likely to play havoc on the formula due to sun exposure. You need to be extra cautious with unstable ingredients in your skincare products like Vitamin C. Its best to store them in fridge.
  • “Uhh! I am dying to sleep. Just a little face massage with this Jade roller and I am done. Butttt I haven’t washed this roller for weeks. Who cares!” and there you go. Your skin is no longer bacteria free. So, even after spending loads of money on skincare products there is still a probability for you to breakout if you become lazy about keeping the products clean and away from dirt!
  • Try to purchase smaller packaging as they are likely to be used before their expiry date.
  • Keep the rim of the products clean. That’s where the bacteria usually grows!
  • Do not share your skincare and makeup products with anyone.
  • Close the lid of the products properly and tightly.