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Saffron Complexion Builder

Saffron Complexion Builder

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Feel the difference! Our product is absolutely FREE from Parabens, Triclosans, Phthalates, Sulphates, Silicones, Artificial Colour and Artificial Fragrances.




An Ayurvedic gel (oil-free) moisturiser containing pure saffron and Indian madder that have been relied upon through the ages to brighten the complexion. This gel also tightens the skin making the appearance of skin feel smoother.


Suitable to use as a moisturiser for age 18 and above. Gently massage with finger tips onto clean moist face and neck with upward motions. Leave on the skin. Can be used morning and evening. Can also be used prior to applying a thicker oil based moisturiser if skin is very dry.


Please note this is a vegan product.


This product should be used within two years from manufacturing date. Period after Opening: 6 months

  • Do not use on cut, broken or irritated skin
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • If irritation or rash appears, discontinue use.
  • Do not use if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store under 30°C and out of direct sunlight.
  • For external use only. 



Sahar Glam - Beauty Blogger & YouTuber 


"I have highly sensitive skin and am wary about trying new products. I was enticed by the packaging, it's colorful and fresh. The fact that all the ingredients are natural also encouraged me to use it. After two weeks of slathering the Saffron Complexion builder on my face, and I feel my skin is firmer and glowing. The texture of this face gel is smooth and easily absorbed by my skin. Overall it's been a great experience and I look forward to purchasing another pot of this miracle age defying gel."

Aamna Taseer, Editor, Sunday Times Pakistan

"I have seriously sensitive skin, like it's ridiculous how it reacts to stress, the environment, make-up and creams. It's also a combination of extremely dry and mildly oily. Because I work in environments that are rough on my skin I choose my hair and skincare very carefully. So I've gone the Shisedo, La Prairie, La Mer, Clarins routes and switched creams endlessly over the years. Today, I ONLY use Conatural products, other than an extra SPF sometimes. I wanted to truly test the products out before I wrote anything so I gave them a few months of using the Activated Charcoal Detox Bar, Saffron Complexion Builder, Essential Day Cream and Advanced Super Revitalise Whitening Cream. Day and night I use the gentle Saffron Complexion Builder and it's worked miracles, leaving my skin smooth and even-toned. The day cream is gentle and replenishing and I use the Advanced Super Revitalise Whitening Cream because of pigmentation I got after a bad laser job. It's a great cream to use over the saffron gel before bed.

No more foreign creams for me! Organic, toxin-free, gentle on the skin and hair and smelling like heaven, I am a total Conatural woman for life!"


Nadia Jamil

"Just in love with Conatural's amazing products. It's been around 6 months since I've been using almost half of your entire range and the results are amazing. My skin feels so good every time I use the Saffron Complexion Builder. Being a working woman, I'm constantly exposed to makeup and sunlight, but thanks to Conatural, these aren't problems for me any longer. Looking forward to some amazing offers. Keep it up."

Sehrish Adnan

"Hello Conatural team. I have used two of your products and the results are amazing. Your delivery services are so good that I received my parcel before time :) I have acne-prone skin and I was afraid at first to use the Saffron Complexion Builder but after using it, I feel it is one of the best products I have ever used. Thanks a ton for this amazing product, I just loved it."

Sana Nasir

"I used the Saffron Complexion Builder and that was good. Thanks!"

Hira Zamir 

"My name is Sophia Al Khawar and I work for a foreign mission as a commercial officer. Thank you very much for the products that you have introduced I have been using the Saffron Complexion Builder and it's an absolute joy to have on, one doesn't feel the humidity or the heat or the sweat. I feel my skin to be much firmer. Can't wait for more exciting products."

Sophia Al Khawar 

"Conatural products are just amazing! I used the Saffron Complexion Builder which is an amazing product. Simply I am in love with all these natural products which are doing miracles for my skin that I feel. Thank you Conatural."

Nida Aasim

"Have recently started using Conatural's products: the Saffron Complexion Builder and am hoping for the best results *fingers crossed*. I'm really looking forward to using more skincare products by Conatural. Normally I don't use any product on my skin as it’s very sensitive. P.S - The best thing about Conatural is that the products are skin friendly and free from artificial ingredients."

Tabina Habib 

"Thank you so much I loved the Conatural products and looking really forward to buy more. I have stopped using all other products and realized the benefits of organic products... love the Saffron Complexion Builder, it’s so easy to absorb. After applying there is no greasy texture on skin and can be easily apply day and night. I had double tone skin due to sun, Saffron Complexion Builder and this soap both have balanced it remarkably. The products are really worth."

Maheen Chaudry

"I love this saffron complexion builder. I keep it in the fridge and apply it after I wash my face in the morning. It is the most refreshing and cooling gel that brightens up the face in a jiffy."

Natasha Khalid

"I'm a regular customer of Conatural! Their products are amazing. Saffron Complexion Builder smoothes the texture of your skin and fades out the dry patches. Regular use of this product gives you a healthy looking skin which shines and glows. It's not greasy at all and I recommend it to my friends and colleagues. Love it completely!"

Sana Kaleemullah Dogar

"Hats off to Saffron Complexion Builder! It's the best product for me, highly recommended for those who have dull or tired looking skin."

Huma Saadat

"I have been using Conatural products for some time now. I’ve never been this impressed by an organic brand before. What you see is what you get. Their Saffron Complexion Builder is my absolute fav, I could notice the difference in just 3 days. The pretty packaging is also a delight. Great job you guys!"

Zartasha Bhatti

"I've been using Conatural products since the past 2 years now, and my love for all the products just keeps increasing day by day. I started using Saffron Complexion Builder last Summer when my skin was becoming extremely dull. I must say the product did wonders for my skin! It always mattified my skin whilst adding a natural glow and lightening the dark spots."

Arooj Qamar

I am using Conatural products from last 3 years now. Saffron Complexion Builder leaves your skin healthier and softer. I love Conatural and I will stick to it forever. Say No to chemicals and buy Conatural."

Noreen Akbar

"I have been using Saffron Complexion Builder. I must say. It's magical. My skin feels so smooth and soft in the morning. Thank you Conatural. Can't wait to try your other products too."

Hira Shahid

"I have been using Saffron Complexion Builder. I must say, it’s magical! My skin feels so smooth and soft! Thank you Conatural. Can't wait to try your other products too."

Aneeqa Sethi


“I recently started using Conatural’s Saffron Complexion Builder and I love it. I was using the product just once a day and my skin looked so much healthier, it felt super smooth to the touch, it was plumper, and my dark spots were visibly reduced. The gel is non-greasy and it sinks in quickly; perfect for oily or combination skin types. It has a gorgeous sweet smell. The best part is you know the product is all natural so you’re not pumping toxins in your skin. 10/10! Would definitely recommend.”

Ayesha Waseem

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