The Anti-Aging Serum You Shouldn’t Age Without

With age comes wisdom but in this era, premature aging sans all the wisdom sets in before the so-called ‘age’ even comes. Aging is a contentious issue in the skincare world because often in the name of anti-aging products, one gets bottles and tins full of misogyny and ageist remarks. We’re all for the aging club however, we believe everyone deserves to age gracefully and nobody deserves to age in their youth!

The face serums range by Conatural comprises of 6 potent
serums that target different skincare concerns. These face serums have been formulated with the highest possible potency of the target ingredient that is safe to use. You’re looking at magic in a bottle here! So on this topic, we’re going to be introducing you to our fan favorite, anti-aging serum which is your go-to when premature aging or undesirable signs of aging start showing!

What Does This Anti-Aging Serum Do?

This super-effective anti-aging product encourages collagen production in your skin to make it look and feel more toned. It makes your skin firmer without excessive experimentation and hey guess what, it also targets fine lines and wrinkles(duh). Our skin in this day and age is likely to age faster and more intensely because of the toxic chemicals we’re constantly surrounded by and by the effect of screens on our skin. These can set in crow’s feet or laugh lines before you’ve even entered adulthood which is as unfair as it gets.

Why Can Your Skin Age Faster?

But we’re not that special in other areas of life, how come we’re special enough to have premature aging? The answer to that also lies in the very reality - it’s the sign of the times. We have greater sun exposure now and this exposure is also more harmful because of changes to the ozone layer (let’s not get too science-y) which makes the effect of sun more damaging.

Stress and smoking are too other big causes that can invite premature aging to settle in. So chances are, if you do either of these things or can relate, it might be too late to undo the damage altogether. However, it’s always the right time to start caring for your skin by incorporating the anti-aging serum as your face serum of choice. These factors are common and make pretty much everyone prone to undesirable signs of aging hence, the anti-wrinkle serum should already be on your bathroom shelves.

What’s The Best Time to Start Using It?

The best time to start incorporating an anti-aging serum in your routine is over 25. After this age, your collagen productions starts declining and your skin may start becoming looser. This anti-aging serum brightens and lightens the face, it lifts away the dead cells and also exfoliates plus it evens out the skin tone and texture.

There’s no way you do not see this as the best face serum to have on your hands!