This is the Next Must-Have Moisturizer to Bag

No skincare routine, or charm or magic can work if your moisturizer isn’t the right one. A moisturizer seals in all the goods that you put on your face before hence if it isn’t doing its job right, it’s likely your skincare routine is as worthless as wanting to live longer in this smog. Yikes, that got heavy but here’s something that’s not heavy and the best lightweight moisturizer on the market: the rose face gel by Conatural!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Are You Listening?

If you’re in the market for a oil free face gel and chances are your skin might be on the dry side during the winter season, look here. This goes for both boys and girls, men and women and everybody else, it’s the perfect oil-free moisturizer for everybody. This is the ultimate rose gel for the face to have on your skincare shelf because, well, for a lot of reasons.

These are all:

The Smell Is To Die For

No really, we mean it. This is the best rose moisturizer because it really is loaded and packed with the scent of fresh roses. You don’t get the artificial sweet rose-y smell with this one. When you open the jar, it feels like you just stepped into a flower shop with the best and most strong-smelling roses.

The Best Oil Free Moisturizer

Our best and best-selling rose moisturizer is made with the fine rose petals distilled to perfection. This gel is formulated with Rosa Damascene Distillate which reduces inflammation and refreshes the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Moreover, it’s an antioxidant powerhouse that protects your skin from free radicals in the environment(and if you live in Pakistan you know there are many) to keep you looking youthful. 

There is apple extract in this oil free moisturizer This ingredient plays a crucial role in reducing the appearance of pores. Besides that, there are natural tightening properties in this extract that make your skin look firmer!

Make Some Space for Vitamin C and the Natural Ingredient Aloe Vera

Make space to get the best effects of Vitamin C because this little jar has them all for you. Vitamin C helps remove post-acne marks and refreshes the skin. The appearance of acne and rejuvenates the skin. This ingredient also does free labor for you by removing dead skin cells, what more can you ask for? Aloe vera is a proven lifesaver when it comes to healing of wounds, cuts and burns. Moreover, it’s rich in vitamin C, which produces collagen to keep your skin uplifted.

Ticks All the Essentials

A moisturizer is supposed to be a
multi-tasking girl boss. It needs to repair your skin barrier while protecting it, and keeping it safe. Moreover, it should hydrate while limit greater production of oil so your skin does not clog. Oh and, if it smells amazing that’s a huge plus point. So who ticks all the boxes? None other than the best rose moisturizer, the Rose Face Gel.

Did somebody say organic oil free moisturizer? The best rose gel for face obviously could not be made without all these incredible natural ingredient.