The Skincare Bundles That Meet All Your Needs For Less

Who said skincare can’t be affordable? Not somebody who knows about our skincare bundles! Often times, our skincare routine needs a boost that comes in the form of more than one product. Sometimes a bottle just isn’t enough! You need two or more products that work in the AM and PM to deliver results that are satisfying to you.


Keeping that in mind, we’ve made your skincare journey easier, more convenient and even more affordable. The skincare bundles for face also resolve the problem of being confused about which product to pair with the one you have your eyes on. If you think one of our organic facewashes is your thing, for example, these skincare bundles will guide you about the product that makes the perfect duo.

Super Hydration Bundle

If you’re in the market for products for hydrating skin, this bundle is the answer to all your questions. The Super Hydration Bundle includes the Aloe Vera Face Wash and the Hyaluronic Acid serum from our super activs range. These two products work together to hydrate, replenish and renew your skin.

What can you expect after using this skincare bundle? We thought you’d never ask. Expect a natural glow to your face that will leave you pleasantly surprised. This duo can also be the key that unlocks glass skin for you!

Vitamin C Kit

Need that glow and the boost of essential vitamins to your skin? The Vitamin C Kit is everything you need to lay your eyes and money on. This combination of products comes with our organic Vitamin C face cleanser and the best-selling Vitamin C Serum so you can potentially blind your friends and family with the glow that will emanate from your skin.

These products for skin brightening encourage new collagen production making your skin plumpier and they soothe and reduce irritation too. If ‘revitalize’ is the vibe your skincare regimen needs, there’s no better Launchpad than this skincare bundle to get your groove on.

Saffron Skincare Bundle

This one’s for the oily, acne-prone skin ladies and gentlemen who always find themselves at a loss of clarity on what exactly they want to purchase. This kind of skin is confusing and you’re treading on eggshells all the time, here’s how this skincare bundle for face takes the difficulty out of the process for you. 

The Saffron Skincare Bundle harnesses the power of saffron to its maximum potential. This ingredient is famous in our culture for being the best anti bacterial and anti-fungal source for acne-prone skin. And guess what? It also brightens your skin! This kit comes with the best oil control products essentially like our Saffron face wash and the Saffron Complexion Builder.With this bundle, expect tighter and firmer skin that feels smoother than before.