Split Up With Your Split Ends!

Organic Hair Care

Split Up With Your Split Ends!

Whether you’re a curly haired queen, or boast naturally pin straight hair, there is one hair woe that does not discriminate between hair types: split ends. And the worst part? Once a hair splits, there is no going back!

Fortunately for us, age old natural remedies passed down from our Nanis, combined with select good-for-your-hair products and simple hacks can restore your hair overall strength and help disguise those dreaded split ends, for good!


The number one thing you can do for your hair is to avoid practices that damage your hair and cause split ends in the first place. Be it hot styling tools, brushing your hair while it’s wet or pulling and tugging at it while you towel dry after a shower, stressing out your hair follicles is the root cause of split ends. Take a break from your tongs and straighteners and get into the habit of air drying your hair to optimise overall hair health. You can!

Say Goodbye to your Hairbrush

Put down that hairbrush girl! Harshly tugging on your hair with your trusty hairbrush is doing more harm than good, especially if your hair is wet. Replace it with a wide toothed comb that will be gentle AND effective in detangling your hair, while minimising split end causing damage. 

Invest in Organic Hair Care Products 

Hair with split ends is in need of some serious TLC, and the best way to give it some is by splurging on products enriched with natural ingredients that will leave your hair looking and feeling better than ever. Conatural’s Intense Growth Hair Oil is made of 100% natural ingredients and is absolutely FREE from Parabens, Triclosans, Phthalates ,Mineral Oil, Silicones, Artificial Fragrance and Artificial Colour. Massage it into your scalp and the length of your hair and give it 30 minutes to work it’s magic before rinsing and come out of the shower with better than ever hair! 

Make Silk Pillowcases Your New Best Friend

A silk pillowcase won’t miraculously mend split ends, but it will prevent more from forming in the long run. Tossing and turning all night on a pillowcase made of cotton or ANY abrasive material puts your hair cuticle at risk of becoming roughened and weak, causing more split ends. A silk pillowcase will sheild your locks against rough materials and will also lessen the need to straighten or blow dry your hair, helping you achieve the luscious tresses you’ve always wanted.

Rethink That Blow Dry 

Living without your weekly blow dry  may seem impossible, so we won’t ask you to quit them completely. However, the way you go about your blow dry could make the world of a difference when it comes to split end prevention. The trick is, don’t let the blow dryer’s nozzle rest on the ends of your hair. Keep it moving constantly to distribute the heat evenly and avoid serious damage to your already delicate ends. Another important thing to remember is to NEVER let the nozzle touch your hair directly! Position it right above your hair and the brush to avoid direct heat from adversely effecting your tresses. 

Pop Some Pills

No, not THOSE kind! Pills containing Biotin and Folic Acid will heal your hair from the inside out, making it stronger, shinier, and less prone to split ends. If pills aren’t your thing, incorporate fish into your diet at least once a week and watch your hair go from drab to fab in no time! 

Use A Leave-In Treatment

Conditioners that wash out in the shower a few minutes after you apply them won’t do much in treating split ends, but products that you can leave in your hair all day, everyday will add that extra layer of protection so you can go about your styling routine without a worry in the world. Conatural’s Argan Oil is the perfect leave in product which will protect your hair from heat and pollution while softening those sharp split ends and treating them overtime.

Trim, Trim, Trim!

Going under the scissors after spending months meticulously growing out your hair may seem scary, but it will be worth it in the long run. Find a stylist you trust and let them go to town on those split ends, because if you don’t, the split will just continue to travel up the shaft of the hair, making your hair more damaged and resulting in an even shorter trim when you do decide to visit the salon. Getting a trim every 6-8 weeks is optimal for growing your hair faster and healthier, and the only sure fire way to get rid of split ends for good.


Adopt these changes in your hair care routine and make your way to the luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of.