Find Out Whether You Need Vitamin C Serum in Your Skincare Routine

Find Out Whether You Need Vitamin C Serum in Your Skincare Routine
All of us have either heard of Vitamin C serum in our lives or have played around with the ingredient. Many of us have left our Vitamin C Serums on the shelf that gets direct sunlight, let the serum get oxidized and then complained that this is a hoax! However, dermatologists say that Vitamin C Serum for face is the best thing for your skincare routine. Just like the vitamin C we consume to build our immunity for our physical health, the vitamin C serum in skincare is your hero protecting you against environmental free radicals. This knight in vitamin-C-armor protects your face from oxidative stress because it has visible effects.

What Benefits Does the Best Vitamin C Serum Give?

Oxidative and environmental stress is real and it’s getting worse as our climate becomes more chaotic. This can manifest in your skin in the form of premature aging, dark spots, loose and dull skin and even more eye bags. So, a Vitamin C serum for the face is not just a powerful and potent anti-oxidant, it’s a versatile ingredient that gives you a bang for your buck.
Vitamin C serum stimulates and boosts the skin’s production of collagen, preventing signs of early aging and making your skin plump, elastic and toned. This ingredient is also anti-inflammatory which means those who suffer from oily skin with acne, textured skin and hyperpigmentation also benefit from this facial serum.

How to Know When You Need a Vitamin C Serum?

If you don’t have a specific skin concern such as acne and blemishes or excessive hyperpigmentation (among others) and you need one all-star product that will help with all skin concerns uniformly, it’s time to pick up the best Vitamin C Serum in the market: Conatural’s super activs Vitamin C.
This Vitamin C Serum for face evens your skin tone, improves rough texture of the face, tackles and prevents fine lines, fades acne and sun spots and also targets general dullness. Imagine one product providing you repairs for all these skin concerns in addition to protection from environmental stressors— do we need anything more?

When to Use It?

This is the key question many people don’t fail to consider. Vitamin C serum for face is especially a PM formula which means you’re supposed to use it only at night. It makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight so going outside whilst freshly applying the face serum is a recipe for bad skincare.

When Should You Expect to See Effective Results?

Conatural’s Vitamin C serums are also more effective than creams or toners. The super activs Vitamin C serum for instance, is highly potent with the highest percentage of the ingredient clinically safe to use. That means you can start seeing effective results within two weeks of consistent use. You will also notice that our bottle isn’t clear— that’s done purposefully because Vitamin C can get oxidized in sunlight and the dark glass bottles ensures its efficacy. We’ve got the best version of the Vitamin C serum and it can be yours from the comfort of your home: order online!

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