The Curse Of Fake Skincare Products

The Curse Of Fake Skincare Products

The Curse Of Fake Skincare Products


Ever wondered why your favorite night cream is not showing results anymore? Its consistency, its packaging and even its color is not the same. Well chances are that you have also been entrapped by some counterfeit skincare products! Using skincare products from leading brands that work wonders is every person’s dream. But not everyone can afford it. Everyone wants to experience that same product in much cheaper price and this is exactly what the counterfeit industry takes advantage of. 

What is Counterfeit Skincare?

Counterfeit skincare is basically the imitation of leading skincare products with harmful ingredients that have nothing to do with skincare! Deceiving people by making labels and packaging similar to the genuine ones is what they do to attract people to purchase the products of their dreams at super low prices. The changes are barely noticeable and that’s how they trick people into buying such products!

Facts on fakes

What if I tell you that the fake fancy skincare products that you purchase with the intention of getting glowing skin contains not only mercury, lead, cadmium but also rat droppings and urine? Not very fancy huh. It all started with fake designer handbags of course but that’s still alright because fake designer bags don’t cause skin cancer, unlike fake skincare products. Skincare brands are entitled to follow standardized rules and regulations which guarantee that the product is free from bacteria and other harmful ingredients. Counterfeit skincare companies, on the other hand follow no such protocols in order to gain the maximum profit. So, investing in fake skincare is like a lottery with endless possibilities. Possibility for you to breakout, have rash, chemical burns, eye infections etc. What’s alarming is that these ingredients also pose a great threat to a person’s health!

How to spot fake skincare?

With some common sense and awareness, together we can judge the originality of organic beauty products:

  • Is it too good to be true?

Yes! sales are tempting and irresistible. But if a PKR 5000 product is selling for PKR 500, it is a red signal. It doesn’t matter how badly we want this to be true, it’s not! It’s just a counterfeit skincare company making fast bucks by giving us an impression that they can make our dreams come true.

  • Cheap Packaging

Ever came across a brand that has the items misspelled on its packaging? No, right? This is because high quality original brands have a whole professional team working for them to ensure that there are no errors in packaging or production of the product! However, it is very common for fake products to have such errors on them. Most of these fakes are manufactured in China. The language barrier causes these mistakes. So, if you see that the items are misspelled, description doesn’t make any sense, packaging is off with different color, different font, irregular illustration and logos with usually no ingredients list, know that it’s a major red flag.

  • Buying from unlisted retailers:

Always purchase from authentic and reputed sellers. If you are purchasing a product from a street market or cosmetic shop, make sure you cross check with the brand through their social media platforms or helpline in order to confirm whether the shop is an authorized seller! In case, you are purchasing skincare from online stores, always look for reviews and ratings. These things are lifesavers!

  • Look for Barcode:

Do you also use the Conatural Saffron Complexion Builder? Wait, it does not have a barcode on it? Hmmmm Suspicious! Most counterfeit products don’t have a barcode. If they do its probably fake and scanning won’t lead to any information. To spot fake skincare just download a barcode scanner, scan the barcode and see if it shows up any data. If not, then you know what to do! Dump that product right away!

  • Do some research:

Have you been thinking of purchasing the Rose Bundle from Conatural since a while? But wait, don’t rush into buying the product or you may fall prey to counterfeit products. Do your research. Carefully observe the packaging and consistency. Instead of purchasing from the shop next door, rush to Conatural’s outlets that are being listed on the website or order directly from the website. You can also purchase the bundle from authentic sellers that Conatural is in contract with like Alfatah, Rakanna, Aodour, Bagallery etc.

  • Are sellers ready to bargain?

Have you ever seen brands that are willing to bargain? No. Because they have a fixed price policy. We all know that. Counterfeit industry, on the other hand, is desperately trying to prove that they are the original. So, to please customers they will be ready to bargain which proves how authentic and genuine their products actually are! Your skin is precious! Do not let counterfeit products play with it. Less is more. Switch your 10 step skincare routine using fake products to a 3 step routine using genuine products, and see the difference in your skin! Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Instead, do proper research and give your skin the love that it truly deserves with best organic skincare products!