10 EPIC Wedding Day Makeup Tips By Celeb Makeup Artists!

10 EPIC Wedding Day Makeup Tips By Celeb Makeup Artists!

10 EPIC Wedding Day Makeup Tips By Celeb Makeup Artists!

This article is for all the brides-to-be out there who are constantly stressing over their wedding look! Relax and calm down girls, because we have got you sorted! The leading celeb makeup artists who have glammed a number of brides in Pakistan have shared the following tips that you must follow for a flawless and glowing bridal look!

Never Ignore The Light!

Make sure you get ready in the right light. Many brides feel their makeup looks perfect while they’re getting ready but as soon as they go outdoors, their makeup starts looking cakey. Getting ready in the right light will ensure that your makeup looks good indoors and outdoors!

Take Selfies While Getting Ready!

Take selfies while getting your makeup done. This will help you know how you look and if there is anything your makeup lacks. Trust the photos and tell your makeup artist to fix it if there is any issue.

Keep A Mist In Your Bag!

Let your makeup melt into your skin seamlessly by using a good face mist. Using a mist spray will set your base and your skin will glow more. Fresh Flowers Hydrating Mist is the best hydrating face mist by Conatural which every bride should carry with them.

Go With Your Style

Your wedding is certainly not the right time to experiment with new trends and going for a look that you may not be comfortable with. Your wedding is the best time to flaunt your style. For a timeless look, there is no better way than flaunting your inner diva!

Always Create Space For Your Stuff!

If you think you will not need a bag on your wedding day, you are WRONG!! There are so many things that you will need at the last minute and for that you need to be prepared by making ample space in your bag for anything that you may need on the big day! No bride has time to dig into her makeup bag so make sure everything is sorted prior to the wedding day.

Do Practice Your Wedding Look!

Do not leave everything on the last day. Whatever look you have in your mind, do practice it once prior to your big day. This will let you decide your best looks. You must try on your dress, jewelry, and heels before the wedding day to determine the most comfortable style.

Do Not Pile On Too Much Makeup!

We have seen many brides who go for simple and natural makeup looks in their routine life but just pile on too much makeup on their big day which just looks ODD! If you have always been a natural makeup person, stick to natural makeup look for your wedding day aswell. If you know you can carry heavy makeup, go for it. But if you are sure you cannot, do not let makeup wear you down! Having a skincare routine for dry skin is a MUST. If you have dry skin, your base might crack, thus, make sure to use organic moisturizer for dry skin. Start using Essential day Cream by Conatural for the ultimate hydration immediately.

Get A High Quality Blush & Sponge!

Keep a high quality brush and sponge with you the entire day. With shoots and other wedding festivities, you might see lines on your face after a while. Having a brush and sponge will help you to settle your base. If you have a good quality beauty blender, you do not need anything else.

Keep Your Hand Cream In Your Bag!

This is one thing that every bride forgets about. You overlook your hands and feet the most during your wedding days. Keep your hand cream in your bag and apply it on your hands 4-5 times every day. You can buy Conatural Organic Hand & Nail Cream as it is organic and easy to carry with you.

Do Not Forget Your Favourite Fragrance!

Do NOT forget to keep your favourite fragrance in your bag. Once you are ready, do not forget to put on your favourite fragrance. Conatural has launched 5 new fragrances for women & men in collaboration with HSY. Get your favourite fragrance now and make your big day more special!

Most importantly, stay calm, hydrated and don’t forget to have fun along the way!