On our Organic Honey & Oatmeal Cleansing Bar and Organic Cleanser & Make-up Remover:

"My skin was so dull and dry because of extra long working hours and an unhealthy office environment. I had heard about Conatural so I tried the Organic Honey & Oatmeal Cleansing Bar and I was very pleasantly surprised! My skin is now glowing after having used it and it's so soft to touch. I am also using Conatural's Organic Cleanser & Make-up Remover weekly along with the soap and this combination is making my skin really feel fresh and relaxed.
I am very happy with Conatural and will soon try more of their products."

Diya Mughal

On our Intense Growth Hair Oil:

"Take it from someone who has had a horrible hair thinning problem. I've tried almost every product that promises to be organic and promote hair growth and add volume to hair and all that stuff. Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil is the ONLY product that actually showed me a change in my hair. Use it regularly and you will definitely get the results you want. Thank you team Conatural for coming up with this product and providing me with instructions about the correct usage. Keep up the good work!"

Mah E Lukah Faisal

On our Intense Luster Hair Oil and Dead Sea Mud Mask:

"I'm very careful about what I put in and on my body. I try my best to use products which are ethically made and use organic ingredients. For me Conatural's Intense Luster Hair Oil was a life saver. I have long hair which often needs conditioning because of the work I do. On days off, I leave the oil on for a few hours. My hair always feels so much healthier and softer after its use.
I also love their Dead Sea Mud Mask. I do not use it over my entire face. If there is a little spot or redness I leave it on the area until it dries. Works like a miracle!

Sara Mikaal

On her favourite Conatural products:

"I have seriously sensitive skin, like it's ridiculous how it reacts to stress, the environment, make-up and creams. It's also a combination of extremely dry and mildly oily. Because I work in environments that are rough on my skin I choose my hair and skincare very carefully. So I've gone the Shisedo, La Prairie, La Mer, Clarins routes and switched creams endlessly over the years. Today, I ONLY use Conatural products, other than an extra SPF sometimes.

I wanted to truly test the products out before I wrote anything so I gave them a few months of using the Activated Charcoal Detox Bar, Saffron Complexion Builder, Essential Day Cream and Advanced Super Revitalise Whitening Cream.

I wash my face with the Activated Charcoal Detox Bar and have a separate one for my body. It's great since  it works like a sponge to absorb toxins and poisons from the skin.

Day and night I use the gentle Saffron Complexion Builder and it's worked miracles, leaving my skin smooth and even-toned. The day cream is gentle and replenishing and I use the Advanced Super Revitalise Whitening Cream because of pigmentation I got after a bad laser job. It's a great cream to use over the saffron gel before bed.

Of course Conatural's magical Intense Growth Hair Oil is now legendary and I use it once a week to make sure my hair remains soft and hydrated. It makes an immediate difference! 

The products are quite radical and are extremely gentle on the person. Today I got my Better than Ubtan Face and Body Scrub with Radiance Oil and a whole other box of goodies that I've ordered and will be trying out! 

No more foreign creams for me! Organic, toxin-free, gentle on the skin and hair and smelling like heaven, I am a total Conatural woman for life!"


Nadia Jamil

On our Organic Lip Balms:

"I'm in love with Conatural's Organic Lip Balms! Available in a host of delicious and fresh flavours, they leave my lips smooth and hydrated. I'm totally addicted!"

Shehrbano Ellahi Shaikh

On our Ultra Body Butter, Organic Stretch Mark Prevention Oil and Organic Lip Balms:

"When I opened the delivery box filled with rose petals the scent engulfed me and I couldn't wait to open my first Conatural products (loved that touch). Being pregnant, I'm very sensitive to textures and scents, so I was overwhelmed by the aroma of the body lotion, it's one of the finest body creams, the moisture is just right not sticky or greasy or dry, it feels like I have come out of a spa every time I use it after a shower. The Organic Stretch Mark Prevention Oil is another product I have tried and tested that was fantastic, with its natural scent and perfect absorption, it's too early to tell if it will prevent stretch marks but just using it makes a difference to the area with my old dry stretch marks! The Organic Lip Balms also smell great! Overall a great fan of Conatural and a sure client for years to come! Wishing them all the luck for their future endeavors!"

Wardah Khan Eeman

On our Daily Essentials Face Wash - Lavender & Chamomile:

"I’ve been using Conatural’s Daily Essentials Lavender and Chamomile Face Wash and I absolutely love it! Being a makeup artist, I use a lot of product on my face and at the end of a day I need a cleanser that washes away all the makeup, dirt and pollution without stripping my skin of its natural oils. This face wash goes on with a light, silky feeling. It’s all-natural, replete with beneficial and delightful ingredients which melt away all impurities and leave the skin feeling clean with the right amount of moisture and a fresh scent of Lavender. Highly recommended guys!"

Numra Waqas - Makeup artist (facebook.com/numramakeups)

On our Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner:

"Conatural's Hair Repair Shampoo made my day! I recently ran out of my "salon quality" shampoo and was on the market for something new. I had also been suffering from weak and lack-luster hair. The Hair Repair Shampoo transformed my hair with one wash! I know Conatural uses the best and natural ingredients and my hair felt it! My hair felt soft, strong, full of volume, and air dried beautifully! I'm 100% impressed and would recommend this product if you want to feel confident about your hair! Conatural's Hair Repair Conditioner worked better than my "salon quality" brand. Conditioners usually weigh my wavy hair down. This product not only made my hair soft but brought life and volume back into my hair! Thank you to the Conatural team for creating an amazing product."

Violet Khan

On our Daily Essentials Face Wash: Lavender & Chamomile:

"I have sensitive skin that breaks out terribly. I have tried almost every face wash present out there, but nothing agrees with my skin. As I am a makeup lover and regularly use it, I was in dire need of something that can purify my skin and clean it. I decided to give Conatural's Daily Essentials Face Wash: Lavender & Chamomile a try and oh my God, I was blown away! Not only did my skin feel incredible, my makeup looks a million times better and smoother too! Above all I love the packaging and the massive quantity they offer. Looking forward to trying out some facial oils now. All hail Conatural! ✨"

Emin Raja

On our entire product range:

"After hearing all the hype about Conatural and their products i had to get my hands on them and they amazed me. That was one proud moment to see and use some real good quality products made in Pakistan

On our Intense Growth Hair Oil:

"I started using Conatural's hair oils 4-5 months back۔ I was experiencing serious hair fall at the time and a lot of hair loss also. Someone told me about these oils especially the Intense Growth Hair Oil. I started using it then and within 4 weeks the hair fall stopped. Didn't stop using it. Today all the patches where the hair had fallen have MA new growing hair!"


Syma Waleed

On our Intense Growth Hair Oil:

"Due to too much straightening, my hair looked dead and rough but thanks to the Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil, my hair has become much thicker and my split ends have almost vanished - over all, a remarkable result."............Thanks to Conatural for such an awesome product ."

Verda Zaib

On our Natural Lip Scrub: 

"Simply loved the Natural Lip Scrub! I use it a couple of times a week and my lips are always feeling great now. Plus, my lipstick so looks much better and is more easily applicable than before. Thanks Conatural!"

Laiba Khawar

On our Organic Aloe Vera Gel: 

"Aloe Vera gel works MIRACLES for your hair and skin! Conatural has blessed us with this absolutely amazing product with multiple benefits! I can finally say that it acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny. I massaged it into the roots of my hair then left it for 20 mins and was amazed to see the results after my first wash! It promotes hair growth, and conditions my dull hair every time I use it. We finally have a miraculous hair mask I believe! It moisturises my skin without giving it a greasy feel, so it`s perfect for all skin types. I’ve used it several times on my face prior to the application of makeup to prevent dryness. It is best for acne skin as it allows the skin to heal quickly with minimal scarring. If you apply it on a pimple you’ll be amazed to see how it goes away within few hours!
Thank you Conatural for this 100% organic product. A brand worth our trust!"

Sehr Raheel

On our Intense Growth Hair Oil:

"My hair has not been this thick for a very long time. After using Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil, my hair has become stronger and thicker. Really happy with the overall result."

Fatemah Abbas

On our Instant Glow Face Mask with Radiance Oil: 

"For me and I believe most of us, achieving radiant skin is the main beauty goal. We use all sorts of makeup to imitate that. But the best glow is enhanced by skincare. Nothing can beat the glow of a skin looking healthy and fresh from within. Currently I'm using Instant Glow Face Mask with Radiance Oil by Conatural and my experience with this products is phenomenal. The product refreshes the skin, gives an obvious glow and radiance (yes, please!), and leaves it feeling rejuvenated.
It's always great to see a local brand doing such an amazing job. I would love to see this brand branching out to an organic make-up line."

Roodaba Ashfaq