Why Using a Natural Face Wash is Important?

Why Using a Natural Face Wash is Important?
Clean and organic skincare is all the rage nowadays but it need not be a rage, it needs to be the new way of life. Organic beauty is simple and focuses on delivering what your skin needs without the added harm of chemicals and toxins. Plus, natural skincare products are much softer, gentler and effective.

So, Why is Using a Natural Face Wash Important?

Conatural’s natural face washes are formulated without any toxins and chemicals to bring impact with care. Be natural with conatural is our mantra and we’re delivering on it more strongly than ever with our range of new natural face cleansers.
These are the best face washes in Pakistan to cater to three distinct skin types and they’re made for everyone: be it a teenager or an older man or woman. Get to know about the three natural face cleansers to pick the one that tickles your fancy most.

The Saffron Face Wash

Did you know saffron has anti-inflammatory properties naturally? We have enhanced the power of saffron to control excessive oiliness and soothe irritation on your skin in this new natural face cleanser. The saffron face wash brightens, lightens and revitalizes using saffron. It’s effective for dissolving all the impurities on your face without upsetting your skin’s natural pH value.
This is the best face wash to reduce acne with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. Control, soothe and cleanse perfectly with saffron for effective solutions.

The Vitamin C Face Wash

Daily vitamins? Refreshed skin? Bright complexion? If these things excite you, look towards the Vitamin C face wash by Conatural. This brightening face wash has been formulated to deliver a boost of essential vitamins to your skin to enhance your complexion and glow. This vitamin C face wash revitalizes your skin and also soothes all the irritation you might be having. Expect an instantly uplifted look and over time, even-toned skin using this cleanser. Our skins are always in need of essential daily multivitamins and you can get the dose with this natural face cleanser. Knowing which vitamins you may be lacking and consuming this everyday can be a cumbersome task so if you’re one of the lazy ones who needs to reduce the dull appearance of your skin, this is the way to go.

The Aloe Vera Face Wash

Here’s the aloe vera face wash to hydrate and replenish your skin while caring for open pores. If you’re looking for a face wash for open pores, trust us, this is your miracle product. This face wash has been formulated with a creamy SLS-free base (as have the others) to remove all the deep-seated impurities in your face whilst maintaining the natural oils and pH value.

Why Using a Natural Face Wash is Important?

Why Using a Natural Face Wash is Important?
Cleanliness of your face should never come at the cost of other skin concerns and that’s why these natural face cleansers are a dream come true. Address your skin concerns, maintain the skin’s health and cleanse all in a few minutes.