The Ultimate Conatural Routine to Treat Acne

The Ultimate Conatural Routine to Treat Acne

The Ultimate Conatural Routine to Treat Acne


Out of all the queries we receive every day, the one that tops the list is about acne and its treatment. Acne and breakouts have affected the lives of many people and for many, it is a never-ending battle. You get clear skin and exactly 2-3 days later, pimples start appearing on your skin. However, remember that there is nothing to worry about. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can calm and treat your acne. It is not as difficult as it seems since a consistent skincare routine including organic products can fix your acne and breakouts. Moreover, you need to understand and observe your acne patterns. You need to know what causes acne and what triggers it.

Here is the most effective Conatural skincare routine for you to treat acne!


Know your skin type first!

As stated earlier, the first and foremost thing you need to do to treat acne is gain the required knowledge. You might have a number of products in your bucket list and you will be dying to buy them but you need to determine your skin type first and know which products are specially formulated for your skin type. If you have acne-prone skin, a consistent skincare regime is going to do wonders for you. You just need to add chemical free and less harsh products to your daily routine as they will reduce flare-ups and will revitalize your skin. Do not hesitate to tailor your regime according to your skin needs. Here is our ultimate Conatural organic skincare regime to treat acne!


Step 1: Cleanse

The first step to a good regime is gentle cleansing twice a day. When you have acne prone skin, you are likely to have oily skin. This means that you should get rid of excessive oil on your skin due to the fact that not getting rid of it is going to cause breakouts. Gentle cleansing de-congests your skin, and the best product to keep your pores healthy is Conatural’s gel-based Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash. Antibacterial ingredients like neem and tea tree will reduce acne bacteria. We are obsessed with Conatural’s Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash. Double-cleansing in the evening is a must! It will remove all the makeup you have on your face and will deeply cleanse pores to prevent dirt and makeup buildup. Using this face wash regularly is going to give you clear and healthy skin very soon!

Tea tree & Neem Face Wash


Step 2: Tone

Toner plays a great role in treating your acne as it reduces the appearance of pores and tones your skin. Rebalancing your skin is quite essential because it accelerates skin regeneration. To treat acne, decongestion of your pores is necessary and Conatural’s Oxygen water is the best product in this regard. TRY IT NOW! Oxygen water is going to kill the acne bacteria which will help you control your breakouts and pimples.

Oxygen Water

Step 3: Moisturize

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. If people tell you that you have oily and acne prone skin and you do not need to moisturize your skin, do not listen to them. All skin types need hydration. Dehydrated skin is going to make your skin worse because if your skin is dehydrated, it is going to produce more oil which means more sebum and clogged pores. Start using Conatural’s Saffron Complexion Builder for hydrated, nourished, and brighter skin. This gel based formula is non-comedogenic and it won’t clog your pores.

saffron Complexion Builder

Step 4: Exfoliate

You cannot achieve clear and acne free skin without exfoliation. Exfoliation does not mean that you should start putting harsh chemicals on your skin as they are going to over-dry it. Using harsh scrubs is going to make your skin dry and it will lead to excessive oil production. Use Conatural Better than Ubtan Face & Body Scrub to exfoliate your skin. It has organic ingredients which are not harsh and will leave you with exfoliated and toned skin.

Better than Ubtan Scrub

Step 5: Mask

The last step is to apply a face mask at least once a week. Using Instant Glow Face Mask helps in reducing oiliness and decongesting your pores. It also soothes inflammation and removes dirt. Applying Instant Glow Face Mask is going to make your skin plump and firm.

Glow Mask


Following this ultimate Conatural routine for acne-prone skin is going to treat and calm your skin. Shop Conatural products now at and get clear and nourished skin.


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