This Lip Scrub Will Make You Lipstick Ready

This Lip Scrub Will Make You Lipstick Ready

Most girls prep their skin for make-up, but they don’t care about prepping their lips for lipstick. Trust us, a little prep will help you get soft, supple lips ready to rock any lipstick! 

The most important step is “exfoliating” your lips; and what’s better than choosing an all-natural, chemical-free lip scrub? Conatural’s Natural Lip Scrub is a blend of natural ingredients like Sugar, Almond and Vanilla Essential Oil. It removes dry and dead skin, moisturizes and polishes lips to unveil baby soft lips.

Simply apply a coat of the lip scrub on your lips, gently rub in soft, circular motions for 10 seconds and wipe off with a damp cloth or rinse off with water. 

Why do you need to exfoliate your lips you ask? There are 4 simple reasons:

Improves the Texture of Your Lips

During winters, your lips tend to get chapped and flaky. This is because dead skin cells build up over time. Regular exfoliation helps remove these dead skin cells whilst improving the texture of your lips.

Adds Natural Glow

After dead skin cells have been removed, new cells add a natural glow to your lips. Lips appear naturally pink and shiny.

Makes Lips Smoother

After exfoliating your lips with the lip scrub, your lipstick will set more smoothly and evenly on your lips.

Naturally Removes Uneven Dark Spots

Gentle exfoliating regularly aids in treating dark spots and uneven lip color.