The Best Tips for Back to Campus Skincare

The Best Tips for Back to Campus Skincare
It’s the season of going back to campus and that comes with a whirlwind of emotions. Glossy books, the smell of old bookstores, new wardrobe ready and plans with friends that are already cooking up. All this and more will have you sometimes neglect your skincare. However, that’s the last thing you should be neglecting. Once campus or university starts, we have those all-nighters, our water intake becomes poor and let’s be real, and the diet is nowhere near healthy.

Even if you’re not somebody who neglects your skincare routine, you should know the campus routine genuinely allows for no time to have lavish skincare routines. You need fast-performing, effective and convenient solutions for your everyday skincare needs. These are the products that will become your best friends!

The Organic Cleanser & Makeup remover

Having a product that does double duty is essential. The organic cleanser is the ultimate hydrating and brightening cleanser that restores your skin’s natural pH balance. It also doubles as a brilliant makeup remover with reinforced makeup elimination potential and is effective enough to remove the most deep-set of impurities.

The best part about it is that it’s budget-friendly. One tube will last you (with generous use) around 2 months, saving you from the monthly stress of repurchasing your skincare haul.

Why This Cleanser Works

We’re redirecting your focus to this wonderful organic cleanser for more than one reason. First of all, it’s organic! Organic skincare products are far better than their counterparts because they are gentle on your skin, repair your skin in the long run and are better for health.

This cleanser comes loaded with Organic Apricot Kernel, Almond and Sesame oils that deeply hydrate and restore the skin’s natural pH balance. Moreover, the lemon and Geranium essential oils in it create a refreshing aroma.

Hydration On The Go

The other key product you need in your back-to-campus skincare arsenal is the ‘Organic Face Mist’. These face mists are 100% natural and organic (duh!) and have been formulated with gentle and hydrating ingredients. They make up for all the water and healthy fruits and vegetables you’re not going to have.

There are three kinds of mists you can choose from based on your skin’s needs.

The ‘Fresh Flowers Hydrating Mist’ is literally freshness in a spritz. It gives the skin a dewy glow and is an aromatherapy-based hydrating mist. Keep it in your bag for dewiness on the go. The Organic Rose Water is also an exceptional naturally made face mist to have nearby. It reduces inflammation and keeps the skin refreshed. It also has oxidants in it to protect the skin from oxidative stress.

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Lastly, Oxygen water is a must-have for every campus-going person. It offers relief from skin irritation, kills bacteria on the skin (which there is a lot of at campus) and is incredibly hydrating. So if you’re looking for an all-rounder product, this is it!

Get your skincare routine sorted before the first day of campus with Conatural – Pakistan’s No. 1 Organic Brand.