The Best Bootcamp For Hair That Screams SOS!

The Best Bootcamp For Hair That Screams SOS!

Pesky split-ends are a natural damage that can start showing up in your hair due to excessive dryness— they make your hair rougher, look more lifeless and more likely to get tangled.

Chemical damage is another common type of damage that our locks can suffer from. It is mostly a result of getting your hair dyed— there’s a price for beauty and it looks like this.

A classic pictorial example of hair thinning: as you start getting older, your hair starts losing thickness and volume. Your hair feels lighter, your scalp starts showing more and it also starts falling in clumps.

If you’re wondering what dry, lackluster hair looks like: take a look. It’s frizzy, it’s definitely tangled, there are different hair textures at play and the hair type is also different all around the head. That’s what hair damage does: it makes your hair lose its character.

The best in the hair care industry that fundamentally changes how your hair looks and feels. Olaplex no.4 has raving reviews also because it’s made without sulphates and parabens. However, here’s a local alternative that’s just as good, can reach you within days and does not break the bank!

Serums are not just for the face! Try The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide serum which directly works on your scalp to add length, volume, shine and a whole lot more to your damaged hair.

A hydrating conditioner is a must if you want to fix your hair. It’s common in our culture to perceive conditioner as an unnecessary step but that’s as far from the truth as the moon is from Earth— yes, we’re passionate about hair conditioner.

Don’t want to keep scrolling international sites for conditioners you might not even like? This tried and tested Conatural hair conditioner is everything your damaged hair could ask for. Here’s a warning: you might get addicted.

Don’t ignore oils when it comes to this mission of fixing damaged hair. Hair Oils can strengthen your hair follicles, give shine to lifeless hair and rejuvenate your locks more intensely than anything else.

Here’s the real tip: the small things matter. We’ve grown up using plastic ponies or polyester ponies without realizing their material seriously matters. Silk scrunchies are gentler and actually help break off less hair when you tie them.

Gone are the days you plop into your bed with your hair flying everywhere if you have damaged hair. Make sure you go to sleep after tying your hair loosely in a braid: you can thank us later for the beach waves you’ll wake up with.

In order to really get non-frizzy, silky and good-looking hair you need three things only: a silk pillowcase, a silk pillowcase and a silk pillowcase.