Got strawberry Legs? Here is how to prevent them!

Prevent Strawberry Legs

Got Strawberry Legs? Here Is How To Prevent Them!


Everyone is worried about strawberry legs these days and we have gotten so many queries regarding them. If you have ever noticed small little dots on your legs, there is nothing to worry about as we have got you covered with our organic and natural products. Here is everything you need to know about strawberry legs!

The little tiny dots on your legs, appearing like blackheads is a very common thing and there is nothing to worry. They do look bad and everyone wants to get rid of them. The first thing we do is peel them. DO NOT TOUCH THEM GUYS! Trying to peel them can leave a mark on your skin. Here are 3 ways to prevent strawberry legs!

Exfoliate Before Hair Removal 

The most important step in preventing strawberry legs is to exfoliate your legs before removing hair. Strawberry legs occur due to the clogged pores and dead skin. When you exfoliate with Better Than Ubtan Face & Body scrub, you will see a difference in your legs. If you are experiencing ingrown hair, start exfoliating your legs with a natural exfoliator. It is essential as a natural exfoliator like Better than Ubtan Face & Body Scrub will not dehydrate or dry your skin. Mix this scrub with 2tbsp yogurt and gently rub it on your legs in circular motion. This will buff away dead skin and your pores will be detoxed. We are absolutely obsessed with this magical scrub as it nourishes and adds glow to your legs. Scrub your legs twice a week for ultimate softness and detox.

Pay attention to the razor

Many of us rely on razor these days to remove hair as we do not have ample time. If you shave your legs, make sure you are using a sharp razor. If you use plastic razors, you need to know that they pull hair which leads to ingrown hair. If your legs are prone to ingrown hair, make sure you shave in the direction of the hair growth as it can reduce the chances of ingrown hair.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

It is the most important step that everyone needs to follow. In winters, our skin becomes extra dry which increases the chances of ingrown hair. After scrubbing and shaving, the next step is to moisturize your legs with Ultra Body Butter. It will make your skin smooth, hydrated, and glowing. It is recommended to apply Ultra Body Butter on your body after every shower in winters. It is the best moisturizer for dry skin in winters.

Best ways to soothe your strawberry legs

Strawberry legs are not just tiny dots on your legs, it also means itching and irritation due to dryness and dead skin cells. If you are looking for quick ways to soothe your skin, here are a few ideas that are going to work quickly!

Aloe Vera Recipe to soothe strawberry legs!

Soak your legs in warm water for 10 minutes. Gently exfoliate your skin and dry it with a soft towel. Mix Aloe Vera Gel, water, and 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and apply it on your legs. This is a real quick way to calm your irritated skin as Tea tree essential Oil is one of the best essential oils to calm irritated skin when used with Aloe Vera Gel. Conatural has a wide range of certified organic essential oils.

Massage with Rosehip Oil

Massaging your legs with Rosehip Oil is going to calm your skin. In winters, skin gets itchier and irritated becomes of extreme dryness. Massaging your legs with Rosehip oil will soothe your skin and with hydrate it. If you have strawberry legs, massage Rosehip Oil for 5 minutes every night before sleeping. Following the aforementioned regimen will make your legs smooth and clear. You will see a difference in just 2 weeks.

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