Falsies - Synthetic, Human Or Mink?

Falsies - Synthetic, Human Or Mink?

Most commonly false lashes (commonly called falsies) are made of either a synthetic material, human hair, or mink fur. Each have their different price points, styles and looks that can be achieved using them. Arguably the best varieties in most terms are those lashes made from human hair. Not only are they the most natural looking since they blend in with the hair of your own natural lashes, they are lighter and more comfortable to wear, less glossy and easier to style and curl than synthetic, mink and synthetic mink lashes.

SYNTHETIC lashes are now almost completely a thing of the past with more and more users opting for a more natural look using human hair or mink fur as the preferred falsie material. These are usually more obviously fake and are more suited to mannequins on which they create a holistic plastic look that works. Synthetic falsies are more often than not also heavier than their natural counterparts making them more cumbersome to wear and harder to keep on. Additionally, they are more unsuitable for those shying away from theatrical, bold looks and who would like to opt for a simpler more natural look and feel. Mink lashes are also not proven hypoallergenic and wearing them can be concerning for those prone to allergic reactions.

HUMAN HAIR is alternatively perfect for a natural, sultry look that’s easy to style and comfortable to wear. They blend in perfectly because they most closely resemble the hair of your own lashes, more than the alternatives to give you full, thick eyelashes whilst still looking the most real and natural. Plus, since they’re so much like your own hair, they respond better to mascara unlike mink lashes that cannot withstand oil-based mascaras.

Human lashes are less glossy and heavy than synthetic lashes and because they are real, they feel more real, look more real and even act more real. They are softer to the touch and are more delicate in their look and feel. Since they’re softer and more pliable, they are also easier to curl than synthetic lashes. And because synthetic lashes are heavier, they have stiffer, thicker bands which are less easy to fit over your lid, will weigh down your eyes, even cause more damage to your own eyelashes and make your eyes look droopy.

MINK LASHES are perhaps the most expensive of the lot, starting with a price tag of Rs. 3000 and upwards and are riddled with controversy regarding the origins of the mink fur. Minks, from which the fur is harvested for eyelashes, are typically aggressive and solitary animals and will not tolerate being kept captive in any sized area with other minks. Farmed minks are therefore kept in inhumane conditions against their will and are deprived of their natural habitat and behavioural psychology. 

Mink eyelash brands claiming to be cruelty-free are either claiming that the fur is harvested during the season where the mink is shedding its coat or that the fur is being clipped from the animal directly which will not harm the animal. Both these are misrepresented claims since the minks have to be held captive and in abject conditions in farms which is nothing short of cruel treatment. Farmed minks are also eventually slaughtered for their furs.

 Since all falsie wearers have different priorities when it comes to what lashes they would rather choose to wear, its important to make an informed decision after knowing the benefits and consequences of the wear and manufacture of each type. Always try and be an ethical, well informed and conscientious consumer.