Conatural’s New Natural Face Washes Will Fix Your Skin

Conatural’s New Natural Face Washes Will Fix Your Skin
Conatural has always upheld its promise of delivering clean beauty solutions to all your skincare problems and this is just another step forward for us and for you. We have launched three new natural face cleansers that will quickly join the best face washes in Pakistan and here are all the reasons why:

What’s The Thought Process Behind Them?

We have tried long and hard to try and demyth the idea that face washes are a basic, general skincare need. The general prevailing thought is that everyone can use any face wash without considering whether it is the best face wash for them or not. Keeping that in mind, we’ve expanded the pool of skincare enthusiasts who can benefit from our natural face cleansers by releasing three new ones that address different solutions. Be natural with Conatural, find your fit!

The Aloe Vera Face Wash

Our aloe vera face wash is a miracle product for all those who want to use a face wash that gives their skin a kick. Our aloe vera cleanser is the IT product formulated with essential oils to care for skin prone to open pores and for dull and dehydrated skin. You can expect your skin to be pumped with hydration and moisture with this natural face cleanser. Say hello to tightened and clean pores with this without stripping your skin off of its natural oils. The best part? Its creamy base that is SLS free.

The Saffron Face Wash

The Saffron Face Wash is basically the best cleanser for oily skin. It is formulated with natural oils and is cruelty-free without any traces of chemicals or toxins. Did anybody say ultimate clean and green skincare?
This product is one of the best face washes in Pakistan packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties to treat acne-prone skin. Say goodbye to irritated skin with this soothing face wash that reduces redness, dissolves your dirt and impurities to give your skin a blemish-free future! Did you know you can now regulate your excessive oil production with this saffron face wash which also has a creamy base? It’s the best of every world and it can be yours!

The Vitamin C Face Wash

We heard you loud and clear! The Vitamin C face wash has launched with a bang and it might be the worst cleanser out there because it’ll make your skin so bright you’ll start attracting too many people. Brighten and revitalize your skin with natural oils. Soothe and reduce all irritation and remove all the pesky impurities from your face while you pump it with essential daily vitamins. The Vitamin C cleanser is the key ingredient to the recipe for bright, glowy skin that will need no filters.

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Go natural, be natural and use natural. Happy natural face cleansers shopping!