Bundles and Fuss-free Skincare: The Only Mantra for Eid

Are you the I’m-going-to-be extra in the festive season or are you the i-can’t-be-bothered-to-do-anything-extra person around Eid? Whatever or whichever mood you may be, we’ve got solutions for everyone. 

The generous and joyful spirit of Eid lies in the act of caring, of celebrating and of being fancy shmancy which is where Conatural and their latest Eid bundles. Organic skincare celebrates your skin, the way it should be and there’s nothing more gentle and caring than it out there.

Eid Bundle for Acne Prone Skin

The Eid bundle for acne prone skin is the ultimate game-changer for the festive season. You may be consuming more oily foods and having less water, more fizzy drinks. This can trigger acne and also trigger greater oil production. Opting for this one bundle can be at once: the fancy and the non-fancy way. 

The acne face wash which is pure tea tree and neem face wash can control oil production and balance texture. Moreover, this can be supplemented with the moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin - saffron complexion builder. This moisturizer lends your skin a natural glow which is everything you need for the parties. Now, onto the spot treatment, trust only in greatness which is the tea tree oil!

Eid Bundle for Combination Skin

The bundle for combination skin comes with everything to provide hydration and combat excessive oiliness together. The Saffron face wash is the product to get behind for unmatched glow while the hyaluronic acid serum ensures moisture does not escape your skin. Pairing these together can revitalize your complexion: the best Eidi. 

You can also use the Better Than Ubtan Face and Body Scrub to get your skin ready for the lunches, dinners, brunches and what not.  

Eid Bundle for Normal Skin

The natural face wash for dry skin, which is our rose face wash, is the perfect addition to the festive season skincare because it can immediately provide hydration and glow to your skin. The gently scented face wash will ensure the perfect base for your makeup is created. Add onto the rizz with the face pack for glowing skin: the instant glow face mask.

The name has it all - it’s instant, it is effective and it is going to make sure your Eid photos and looks are elevated. But if all this was not enough, the skin brightening serum will perfectly enhance and lock in all the brightening ingredients to boost your complexion. Expect effortless skin that just speaks for the festive season.