Better Than Any Treatment: The Lip Scrub You Need At All Times

Fillers and print media have given us illusions of beauty standards that we often find hard to meet and exhausting to keep up with. One of the biggest areas of focus are your lips: are they big? Are they small? Are they plump enough or too plump? These questions have driven people to constantly pick at their lips, opt for expensive and unnecessary treatments and what not!

Keeping your lips healthy is important but treatment them in a safe way is even more important. We kept that in mind and we brought our fighter to the battlefield: the ultimate lip scrub by Conatural!

What’s In It?

This natural lip scrub is made with 100% pure and organic ingredients that treats your lips with the best care. Our lip exfoliator comes with almond and vanilla essential oils that hydrate and polish your skin to unveil the supple and baby-soft lips (as unique as yours are). This is the best lip scrub for chapped lips that are also interchangeably known as dry lips. Dry lips are not necessarily caused by insufficient water, some people tend to just
have them regardless of what they do! The sugar in the lip exfoliator is used to gently scrub away your dry and dead skin while also moisturizing it with the oil that remains on your lips like a balm.

Protect, Nourish and Brighten

This lip scrub is extremely hard to resist because of how deliciously sweet it is despite being made with organic ingredients - the taste, the smell and the luxurious feel is achieved with only the purest of ingredients. Did you know that regularly using the natural lip scrub can eventually even out and brighten your lips’ color? With long-term use, this lip scrub is an excellent product for people with dark lips if they are looking for something that can improve it.

Besides that, this is the only natural lip scrub you will find that can also prevent free radical damage and fine lines around the lip line. This will ensure that each time you use the product, you’re not just helping your dry lips, you’re also brightening them and protecting them! One product and three uses - thank us later!

Why This Is So Important?

Using a lip exfoliator is an important step in a proper lip care routine. Our lips are constantly exposed to environmental stressors like sun, wind, and pollution, which can cause them to become dry, chapped, and flaky. Exfoliating your lips helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving them smooth and soft. This helps to create a smooth base for lipstick or lip gloss application. In addition, exfoliating can also improve circulation, which can help to enhance the natural color of your lips. Using a lip scrub regularly can promote healthy, rejuvenated lips and is an effective way to maintain a beautiful, youthful - looking smile.

Buy your organic lip scrub with us!