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A to Z of Vitamins & Minerals

October 05, 2018

A to Z of Vitamins & Minerals

In order to overcome deficiency of minerals and vitamins, sometimes you ought to turn to diet and supplements. 

Learn about the benefits of the below listed vitamins and minerals, and find out which supplement you need!


Calcium is known to make your bones stronger! It also helps strengthen your teeth and makes muscles function properly. Your age and gender determines how much calcium your body requires. If you have calcium deficiency, check with your doctor and find out if you need a supplement. Natural sources of calcium include dairy products and green vegetables like broccoli.

Folic Acid

If you’re a mom-to-be, Folic Acid supplement is a must. Your doctor may want you to take a supplement too, so do check before getting one! Folic Acid helps make DNA and prevents Spina bifida. Also make sure your diet includes dark leafy greens, oranges, beans and peas. 


Iron helps your body make healthy red blood cells. If you have anemia, it’s essential for you to keep your levels up. You might need supplements or more beans, oysters and spinach in your diet.


Magnesium helps control blood sugar and blood pressure. It helps make proteins and DNA. Moreover, it plays a great role in keeping your heart beating. You can get magnesium from supplements. Natural sources include almonds, cashews and avocado. 


Potassium helps keep your blood pressure in a normal range, and it helps your kidneys work. Levels that are too low or too high could make your heart and nervous system shut down. If your levels are low, you can get the required amount of Potassium with supplements. You can also snack on carrots and bananas.

 Vitamin A

Both - surplus and deficiency of Vitamin A - can be problematic. Maintain its level with supplements prescribed from your doctor or from natural sources like sweet potato, spinach and seafood.

Vitamin C

Your body must have Vitamin C to help your bones, skin, and muscles grow. If you have Vitamin C deficiency, your body needs supplements and more oranges and strawberries in your diet.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D keeps your bones strong and helps your nerves carry messages. Get sufficient amount with the help of supplements. Check with your doctor on how much you should take. You can also look into natural sources like careful time in the sun and meals containing salmon, tuna and egg yolk.

It’s always good to take medical advice before you consider taking supplements. This is because your doctor is the best person who can guide you as to what your deficiencies are.

However, do get a regular checkup because such deficiencies are very common, and it’s best to overcome them timely.

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