Stay Warm This Winter Without Artificial Heat

Stay Warm This Winter Without Artificial Heat

Artificial heat is not only costly and scarce with electricity and gas loadshedding, but it is your skin and hair’s worst enemy. It’s essentially smarter to use preventative measures and avoid heat loss and use existing sources of heat more efficiently to beat the winter blues than to crank up the thermostat. Excessive dryness through artificial heat not only wreaks havoc on your skin and hair but also on your throat and breathing.

Keep dryness related sickness and pruning at bay and use the following tips to brave this winter like a pro:

1. Insulation is integral.

Leaks and cracks in your living spaces can allow the cold to seep in unknowingly. Large glass windows and doors are a considerable culprit when it comes to letting heat escape because glass is a very bad insulator. Keep the curtains and/or blinds open during the day only when there’s strong sunlight coming through and close them up once the sun starts to go down to avoid the heat inside from leaking out. Keep your curtains heavy and opaque to reinforce your insulation against heat loss through leaky windows and glass.

2. Keep the hearth going and your stomach full.

Ditching the takeout and delivery, cooking is a great way to warm up the air in your home and it provides you with something warm to eat as well. Plus, the calorific content in your food will make you stronger against combating the cold.



3. Hug a hot teddy.

Conatural’s Soothing Hot and Cold Body Wrap is the perfect alternative to a hot water bottle because of its ability to calm and soothe the senses through aromatherapy. It’s convenient to warm, just in the microwave, and it retains it heat for long. Hug for comforting warmth or apply to and ailing and aching body for pain relief.

4. Hot beverages are your best friends.

It’s debatable whether hot or cold liquids affect your body temperature from the inside. Either way, hot liquids instantly get you breaking out into a sweat when gulped down in as big sips as you can take. Green tea is a great hot beverage to be drunk all throughout the day because you’ll be loading up on beneficial antioxidants. Coffee and chocolate based hot beverages also help in bringing up your body’s temperature from within. Switch up some of your meals for hearty and piping hot soups and stews that will keep you warmer for longer. Just make sure to be bundled up because once the sweat exuded evaporates, your core body temperature will surely drop.


4. Dress up your floors.

Even if you have shoes or socks on, a bare floor will send chills through your body when walked on. Cover up your bare floors or at least the floor space used in your living areas with area rugs or carpets. Not only will it bring some pizzazz to your décor, it will significantly affect how much cold is transmitted to your body.

5. Get moving.

Getting your heart rate up gets your blood pumping and essentially raises your body’s inner temperature. Exercise makes you sweat for a reason. Move around, put a good dance tune on and jump around to break into a sweat. Again, make sure you’re dressed warmly for sweating will eventually make you feel colder if you’re underdressed.

6. Cosy up.

Cosying up with your pal or loved one is a sure-fire way to share heat with each other. Use it as an excuse to give that long overdue hug or cuddle up with a movie or a long chat.