6 Ways to straighten your hair without heat

Straightening your hair with conventional methods is a) expensive if you go to a salon and b) heat intensive and causes permanent damage to your hair. Save yourself some pain and a lot of trips to the hairdresser getting trims and make the switch to straightening your hair naturally. Here's our recommended tips for all types of wavy to stubbornly curly locks:


Brush your hair after washing periodically after every 5 minutes. Pull and hold each section lightly for a couple of seconds to convince it into straightness. You can even do this in front of a fan for faster result though brushing constantly. Use a wide toothed comb or paddle brush to do this but be sure to be gentle and not tug too hard since hair is weak at the roots when it’s wet and pulling too hard will cause hair to fall out.


Paddle brush                           Wide toothed comb


Not many people except for savvy stylists ever use the cool setting on hair dryers and that’s probably because most people don’t know what it’s for. Traditionally, it’s designed to lock in your style after having used heat on your hair. You can just as easily use it as a damage-free way of drying your hair quicker and locking in straightness. Keep brushing your hair like above with the hair dryer held above your hair just as you would with a conventional blow dry but instead, keep your dryer on the cool setting. Use a round brush as it holds hair in place while you move down from root to tip. Make sure hair is wet when starting out using this technique.

 The cold shot button on your hair dryer (the snowflake) 


Hair rollers have really gone out of style and it’s a shame since they’re such an effective way to get straight locks without subjecting your hair to unwanted heat damage. Use larger rollers (most types are fine: foam, Velcro, etc. you can even use the cardboard inside of a toilet roll!), about as large as a soda can in width. Roll hair starting by rolling the ends of each strand inwards onto the roller and secure with a bobby pin or spring clip once the roller reaches the top of your head. Once you’ve rolled up all the sections of your hair, let hair air dry, and make sure that it is absolutely dry. Use a hair spray after unrolling to hold in the style if needed.

The smaller the rollers, the curlier the locks 


If your hair isn’t terribly stubborn or is wavy to straight, you can twist your wet hair into a bun and secure lightly and let it air dry completely. This will gently coax your already tame-ish hair into straight submission. You can make a chignon bun or a loose ponytail and then secure with u-shaped hairpins or a chopstick.


It’s beneficial and a real game changer for curly, wavy and frizzy haired folk to massage in hair oil or use a hair mask at least once a weak. It enriches the proteins in your hair, leaving hair elastic and supple, preventing breakage and wispies and eventual overall friziness. Plus, well moisturised hair is less likely to curl up.

Try out Intense Luster Hair Oil at least once a week for deep moisturising from the inside out.


 Here’s how:

Shake well before use. Gently massage into hair. Allow oil to work for a minimum of thirty minutes. Cleanse post treatment with Conatural’s keratin enriched Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.





Serum is imperative for all those that want straighter, more frizz-free hair. Even if you’re not using heat to style your hair, serum helps to maintain any style and protect against humidity and the elements. You can also use a lightweight oil as serum too. We recommend Conatural’s Argan Oil. Smooth into hair right after washing it focusing on the tips so as to avoid getting your scalp too oily as your hair dries. Using a leave-in smoothing and moisturising product after washing your hair will not only let your style stand up against humidity but also continue nourishing your hair throughout the day. It will also control and ease unnecessary frizz and little wispies that stand up on your head.

So, there is no need to feel like you need to give up on styling your hair straight if it’s dry or damaged. Follow these tips, love your hair and be gentle with it. It will love you back!