5 Ways You Can Make Father's Day Special For Your Dad

5 Ways You Can Make Father's Day Special For Your Dad

Father's Day is here and this year, you'll need to be a whole lot more creative than before. Taking your father out for dinner is out of the question, and all the conventional celebratory things are simply not a possibility at the moment. So here's how you can make your Abu, Papa or Baba feel special this year:

1. Breakfast in bed Fathers toil away all day to ensure that you live the best life possible. They don't just work as breadwinners, they are truly a girl's first love. So serve him like the King he is with "breakfast in bed". Remember, it is the little gestures that mean the most to dads, so you can't go wrong with a Sunny side up, or even trying something new like waffles, crepes or pancakes - he will appreciate the thought.

2.Go for a walk Remember when you were young and would hold onto his finger to walk? Cherish those golden moments of both your lives with a walk in the park or simply down the road from your house. Talk, catch up on your lives and spend some quality time with your dad.

3. Bond by TV If your father watches TV to unwind after a long day, hop on the couch with him along with his favourite shows. Maybe you can watch some classics from his younger days. Being able to share his favourite TV shows or movies with you will mean a great deal to him: be it "Aaangan Tera" or some classic movie that offers a bit of comic relief. Be sure to keep his favourite snacks close by and make this day all about him!

4.Game Night If your dad is the sporty kind, plan an exciting day of games and a mini-sports competition in your backyard. It’s a good way to create a stronger bond among family members and a fun way to spend an unforgettable and not to mention non-traditional way of celebrating Father’s day. Be creative and just have a  blast!

5. Bake a Cake There's always that good old "cut a cake" end to Father's Day. Make it special by baking it for him yourself. If you don't have an oven, simply make a cold cake. The best part is: no matter how it tastes, he will love every bite of it.

This Fathers’ Day, let’s give them more than just the most expensive gift out there. Let us give them the precious gift of time.