Ramzan: This year, be holy and chemical free

Ramadan: This year, be holy and chemical free

Ramadan and fasting is all about taking an opportunity to slow down and reboot. Reflection, rejuvenation and detox are key goals during this time and there are healthy and productive ways to get the most out of the holy month, physically and mentally.

Falling this year in the sweltering months of May and June, the lack of water intake and hydration during the fast will be especially taxing on the skin. It’s imperative to get the most out of this holy month of prayer and worship but equally also to eat and sleep right and adopt a skincare regimen that makes up for the shift in nutritional intake.

Top Tips for keeping good health and skin during Ramadan!

Get plenty of sleep:

Don’t skimp out on at least 7 hours of sleep. Try to get to sleep after Isha prayers and wake and get in the remaining hours after Saher. The body’s sleep cycle is light and time sensitive, so sleep gained during the day is not as valuable and effective as is sleep gained during the nighttime and the wee hours of the morning.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Water is your best friend in the summer months, especially while you are fasting!

The recommended water intake on an average day is 16 glasses and it should be no different during your fast. Divide up your water intake between Saher and Iftaar making sure to drink each sip slowly at Iftaar instead of gulping down glass after glass which can leave you bloated. ALWAYS drink a glass of water on an empty stomach at Saher.

While the body is detoxifying, the lymphatic system is what carries excess toxins and mucus through our blood stream and excretes them mainly as sweat. The more hydrated we are, the less the lymphatic system has to toil to remove the heavy baggage of waste material.

Eat healthy

It’s important to remember that Ramadan is about fasting, not feasting! So when at Iftaar, you have cravings for greasy, filling samosas and kachoris and ice cold soft drinks, curb your enthusiasm and opt for a healthier, smarter Iftaar instead. Not only will making this decision keep you in good health in the long run, it will help sustain you through all thirty days of fasting. You will experience less thirst and lethargy during your fast the next day and you will be successfully adding a very effective bonus detox program to the fasting which you will be doing anyway.

Eat a healthy diet at Saher and Iftaar with enough protein and complex carbohydrates at Saher to keep you full and energetic through the fast. At Iftaar, opt for foods with high fiber content and which are high in antioxidants which help to naturally repair any damage to the skin during the long, hot fast.

Don’t skimp on the dates, plus its Sunnah:

Dates are an excellent source of skin regenerating antioxidants, zinc, calcium, Vitamin A and iron, they help restore your sugar levels to normal come Iftaar and they are excellent digestion aids when your system is disrupted from not consuming any food for long periods of time.

 Trash the toxins in your hair and skin care:

 Lessen the load on your body by inputting fewer foreign substances and toxic chemicals onto your body. Stop using cheap, synthetic skin bleaching products, or cosmetics loaded with toxic chemicals. Use gentle, natural, organic and unrefined products for your skin and hair care regime.

Our entire line of Conatural products is chemical free and is in fact nourishing and replenishing so you can use them without fear of stunting your body’s industrious detoxification during Ramadan.

Since moisture retention is key, and considering the hot and humid climate, it’s essential that you employ water based products and wash your face often in the case of oily skin. To maintain the suppleness and flexibility of the skin, we recommend something nourishing that provides that extra kick of moisture.

  • To refresh tired, dehydrated skin, we would suggest using Conatural Instant Glow Face Mask with Radiance Oil twice a week. It will improve collagen deposition and activation of immune cells within the skin. Improved collagen deposition helps restore the elasticity in your skin. Use this routine after Iftaar and before bedtime to restore lost hydration to the skin.

  •  To re-balance oily skin, use our Dead Sea Mud Mask once a week which will draw out toxins, aid deep,  deep cleansing, revitalize the skin and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

  •  To rid your tan and get a pearly, flawless look, use our Better Than Ubtan Face and Body Scrub with Radiance oil every second day. By Eid, your face will be whiter, brighter, softer, exfoliated and toned.

  •  To keep your hair looking fab, we recommend using the Intense Growth and Intense Luster Hair Oil once a week for 3 hours so that your scalp and hair can remain nourished 


Exfoliate to assist detoxification and look good!

Another constructive way to support your lymphatic system is to exfoliate your body.  Exfoliation not only helps blood circulation, but many skin problems, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy and glowing skin. 

Use Conatural’s Dead Sea Body Scrub to exfoliate your body once a week. This heavenly scrub is made from pure Dead Sea Salts and contains a rich blend of 35 different beneficial minerals mixed with essential oils vital for the health of your body and skin metabolism.  It will leave your skin silky soft and beautifully polished with a radiant glow. Help revitalize and refresh your tired skin and undo the affects of the weather and environment!