3 Tested Steps To Stop Your Hair Getting Greasy So Fast

3 Tested Steps To Stop Your Hair Getting Greasy So Fast

3 Tested Steps To Stop Your Hair Getting Greasy So Fast

Gone are the lockdown days when we used to make a hair bun and chill in PJs all day, every day. With life getting back to normal, everyone is reconnecting and social life is finally back to normal. Everyone is complaining about greasy locks again. If you are facing a similar problem, here are the 3 tested steps to stop your hair getting greasy so fast. Do not forget to thank us later!

Get An Organic Shampoo & Conditioner

Many people believe that any hair shampoo and conditioner is going to work for them which is absolutely wrong. You need to find a shampoo which is suitable for your hair type and texture. Just like skincare, the right product for your hair and texture is going to give you the best hair days. If you are using a shampoo and conditioner which is not suitable for your hair type, texture, and scalp, you will get greasy and weak hair. You can stop your scalp going into an overdrive by using an Organic shampoo and organic conditioner. Organic shampoos and conditioners are sulfate free and do not have harmful chemicals inside them. You can buy organic shampoo online in Pakistan easily according to your hair type. Conatural has the best sulphate free shampoos and conditioner in case if you are looking for affordable and superior quality organic shampoos in Pakistan.

According to a leading celeb hairstylist, you must double cleanse your scalp. We double cleanse our face but forget to do it on our hair and scalp. Double cleansing is going to cleanse your scalp and remove dirt and shampoo residue. Your hair becomes greasy because of dirt, excess oil production and product buildup, so double cleansing your hair is going to fix everything and you will see a drastic change in the behavior of your hair and scalp.

Stop Washing Your Hair Everyday

People will tell you that you can only get rid of product buildup and excess oil if you start washing your hair frequently. However, celeb stylists do not agree. It is always a good idea to wash your hair less. When you wash your hair frequently, you disturb the natural biome of your scalp. In simple words, it is a protective layer which is affected when you wash or dry shampoo your hair every other day. The pH balance of 5 is ideal for perfect hair health and growth. Using harsh chemicals and shampoos is going to send your scalp into panic mood and your hair will get brittle, damaged, and greasy. You may also notice that you get greasy hair frequently in winter. Exposing your wet hair to cooler temperatures damages your hair and styling them frequently in winter will make them weak and dehydrated. Therefore, wash your hair once or twice a week, not more than that. Try not to use dry shampoo frequently either.

Keep Your Hair Tools Clean

Other culprits of greasy and damaged hair are our hair tools. We hardly pay attention to our hair tools and just use them every day. We spend hours finalizing our natural and organic hair care products but hardly pay attention to our hair tools despite the fact that most of the times, we get greasy and damaged hair because of our hair tools. Your hair brush and straightener hold excess oil due to scalp debris. If you check your hair brush now, you will see debris on the bristles for sure!

If you want healthy and non-greasy hair, you should clean your hair tools twice a week. All you have to do is mix shampoo in hot water and soak your brush in it for 4-5 minutes. This will clean your brush and remove all unwanted dirt and residue from it. Use a soft towel and soak it in that mixture as well. Then gently clean your hair straightener and other tools with the damp towel for squeaky clean hair tools that will keep your hair healthy and protected.


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