12 Tips To Help You Pack For Your Holiday

June 30, 2018

12 Tips To Help You Pack For Your Holiday

Do you really need to take 7 pairs of shoes and an entire carry-on for just your
makeup essentials?

Fashionista globe-trotters—yes, you with the oversized suitcases and manic carry-ons. And we’re not talking about after the trip, we’re talking about departure and check-in time.

If you find yourself frequently regretful due to over-packing—getting odd stares
from strangers as they watch you lug your bags around, likely to be the only one at your resort changing six times a day just to wear half the clothes you brought with you, and now have no space to pack actual souvenirs—then read on for tips to lighten your load:

Basic colour palette:
You can frequently repeat black, navy, white, nude, and your favourite pop of colour such as teal or lemon and a print for stylish and space-saving mix and match options for trousers, dresses, blouses, and scarves.

Quick wash and dry:
Don’t go for fragile dryclean-only silks or chiffons that crush easily. Pack apparel that wrinkles less while you’re out and about, is durable, and easy for a quick handwash so you can re-wear it.

Roll up instead of fold:
Instead of traditional folding, look up techniques such as rolling up clothes that create space to fit more items in your suitcase.

Airlines are getting stricter with baggage allowance and this includes suitcase dimensions. Avoid the oversized variety of suitcases and pack lightweight alternatives to your favourite shoes such as ballet flats instead of heavy boots.

For potential chilly evenings, select a cardi or hoodie or blazer or shawl—as in two from the lot, not three of each. Think about your destination and select accordingly: is it more sleek blazer and cape or frou-frou fur and Pashmina?

Minimal bling:
A couple of statement accessories, lightweight and metal-detector friendly, tought to do the trick. Think safety too—faux jewellery is safer than solitaires when travelling.

Toiletries come in mini-versions. If you can’t find your favourites, find small bottle and jars, fill them up with essentials and label them.

Smart reading:
Avoid heavy hardcovers and take a paperback along for your trip. Or better yet, download a Kindle app on your phone and scroll through the latest holiday reads.

Carry-on essentials for delayed luggage:
If you’re flying out of Pakistan, chances are some suitcases will be offloaded as desi travellers rarely travel light. So pack that contact lens solution and a quick change of clothes in your hand-carry so you don’t suffer too much if your bags don’t arrive when you do.

Think twice about breakables:
Skip buying fragile ornaments unless they’re really worth it and meticulously packed in bubble wrap et al.

Think in advance:
Look up baggage restrictions for your airline and destination and zip-lock your carry-on moisturisers in advance to save time when checking in.

Be prepared for dark clouds:
Pack one bad-weather outfit, whether it’s a windbreaker or lightweight Wellies and a mini-umbrella. Chances are if you aren’t prepared, it’ll probably happen!

Don't forget to pack your favourite Conatural Product:
Most importantly don't forget to pack your favourite Conatural product, so that we can be with you to make your day a little bit better with love and care as always.


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