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Lavender Pillow Mist

Lavender Pillow Mist

800.00 PKR


120 ml 


Aromatherapy comforting pillow mist for a restful sleep.



Blended with organic and pure therapeutic grade Lavender Essential Oil, our Lavender Pillow Mist will help calm and soothe your senses and encourage a great night of sleep.  


Spray a light mist over your pillow. Allow fabric to dry before contact.


This product should be used within 2 years from manufacturing date.


Do not apply directly on skin. Do not use on leather, silk or other materials and fabrics prone to staining. Spot test the spray on an inconspicuous part of the fabric to make sure that it doesn't stain or discolor.



"The Lavender Pillow Mist has a perfect sweet-meets-musky scent, which helps me get a deep restful sleep."

Natasha Khan (Natasha Khan - The Makeup Suite)

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