Welcome to the world of Conatural, Pakistan’s first 100% natural skin and hair care company. At Conatural, we believe in providing the finest, absolutely natural ingredients for your daily skin and hair care regime. Our mission is to help eliminate people's exposure to toxic chemicals in cosmetics and help educate them on the benefits of natural and organic ingredients.  


Always ORGANIC where possible and ABSOLUTELY FREE from Parabens, Triclosan, Artificial musks, Phthalates, Petroleum Jelly, SLS, Silicones, and PPD





For Your Body 

Contural’s products are 100% natural. We also try to source organically where possible.  The products are designed to work with the body’s natural systems, enhancing them, not masking them with toxic chemicals. The products use ingredients that are of nutritional and nourishment value that actually support the body’s process of repairing, rejuvenating and refining itself.  You can use these products with absolute confidence for long periods of time.


We have seen many companies claim their products are "all natural" and of the "finest quality" – A closer look at the list of ingredients (if they have published the detail at all) reveals they contain toxic synthetic preservatives, suspected carcinogens, drying alcohols, and synthetic fragrances and dyes. All of these can potentially contribute to allergies, headaches, rashes, asthma, hormonal imbalances, fat storage, cancer, reproductive complications and a myriad other physical and emotional problems. It is the toxic accumulation of these horrible chemicals in the body that create the preconditions for disease.


The products at Conatural are guaranteed FREE from toxic chemicals. Check your average skincare or shampoo bottle and we can bet that it will have one of the following toxins mentioned above. 


For Your Health

The skin is the largest organ of our body and because your skin absorbs everything you apply on it, the products you use can directly integrate into the body’s blood stream and other major organs. Choosing Conatural’s natural products provides you researched ingredient attributes that are safer and more compatible with our skin and body.
Using natural products can prevent the buildup of unnatural chemicals and synthetic compounds in the body. By allowing your skin to absorb only matters found naturally, you are helping your body purge the unnatural items while enjoying the smooth and radiant skin and hair that natural products leave behind.

For The Environment

At Conatural, we love and respect our beautiful planet earth. We are 100% against animal testing and will NEVER ever allow it for any of our products. We will also NEVER use animal byproducts in the creation of any of our products. The manufacture of our products is “green” as we only use natural products and our processes do not release even a fraction of the same amount of toxins into the environment that traditional cosmetic manufacturing does.


For Your Splendour

The greatest benefit of Conatural’s products is the effectiveness of the product itself. Natural remedies have been known and practiced for centuries, and our recipes are no different. The Earth provides all that we need to thrive and flourish on, and we illustrate this by packaging the best the planet has to offer. For every chemical beauty product there will always be a natural product, which, in many cases, will be more effective without the side effects. For a truly radiant and energized body, and the positive feeling that you are giving your body what is best for it and the world around you, can the chemicals and choose Conatural!


It is absolutely critical that you scrutinize every product that you use on your body. If you want natural products, then you need to be willing to search them out. Educate yourself and read labels… and thankfully, you’ve come to the right place :)