For International Woman's Day, we ran a contest for our customers to nominate women with an inspirational story to be  Conatural's Woman of the Year. In turn, we'd give the winner Rs 20,000 worth of Conatural products.The contest ran on our social media pages, and the nominee with the most likes would be chosen.

Our customers engaged the most with the story of FARZANA SHAH, and we're proud that she's CONATURAL's WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2016. 

Farzana Shah: Conatural Woman of the Year 2016


She was nominated by her daughter, Sonia Shoaib, who sent us the following inspirational story:

"As I read the line WOMAN OF THE YEAR it suddenly reminds me of my brave mother. She is my role model and the strongest woman I have ever seen in my life, 3rd February 1991 when I was 5 days old and my elder sister was 3 years old, my father who was the police officer was murdered and left behind his widow and two innocent daughters , it was like an end of everything but my mother fought back with life for her two daughters. She raised us alone by giving us the best education ever and then by getting us married into one of the most respectable families. When after 25 years by witnessing her grand children she felt the happiness of life then only her elder daughter (and my sister) died of illness leaving an 18 months old son behind.

Once again God chose her but she stood up and fought back because again she had the reason to live for her grand son. She never complained though she always says " I am the chosen one". As days go by I am witnessing more strength and love. May she gets rewarded of every single tear that she has and still shedding.I am so proud and blessed that I have been raised by a strong woman like her.

She has been an iron-willed lady who stayed determined and stood against all odds...faced them and took on all adversities alone. She proved out to be exceptionally resolute in her fight to uphold the best in the interest of her daughters and her resilient nature never let her down."