While we would LOVE to help everyone live a healthier, more conscious driven life when it comes to using skin and hair care products, some people choose to ignore every bit of advice we give, even if it will save their life, and that’s ok.

We would never try to force someone to use our products. Some people simply don’t care. Maybe it’s that people truly believe what the BIG companies say about what’s in their products and that they naively swallow this pill. But, here’s the truth. The government isn’t regulating these companies, and often times you’ll see these companies leaving the hazardous materials like mercury, parabens, triclosan, and more off of their labels.

If you’re the type to overlook these facts, that’s ok, but it may mean you’re not a good fit for Conatural.

Conatural Is Wrong For You If:

  • You’re fine with the “status quo”, and using chemical based products on your hair and skin makes you happy. We understand the appeal of these chemical based products because they’re so cheaply purchased, but you get what you pay for. Rubbing chemicals on your skin has been proven to cause long-term health problems like cancer.
  • You still believe that the BIG skin and hair care companies have your best interests at heart. For Example, How could 100% natural almond oil (250ml) be sold for Rs 100 in high-end retail stores when a kilo of almonds being bought at wholesale cost Rs 1100?
  • You think “It’s too late to switch to organic hair and skin care products. I’ve used chemical based products my whole life and I’m still alive”. You may still be alive, but do you feel sluggish, drained of energy, or suffer from chronic health problems? If so, that’s your body’s immune system spending all your energy to fight off these hazardous chemicals, and it leaves you drained.
  • You’re not the type of person who cares about your health, your family’s health, and your future, enough to take action. Everyone has some level of caring, but some more than others.
  • You don’t want to change your habits, or can’t be bothered to take advice. Some people are great at taking action, while others are major procrastinators, even when it comes to their health.


LOOK, if you are tired of chemicals affecting your health, then why not experience the joy of using the only 100% ORGANIC and all-natural skin and hair care products in Pakistan. Don’t you owe it to yourself to see how you’ll feel after using them?



Here’s What Some Of Our Raving Fans Are Saying

"I have been searching for the best organic brand in Pakistan since a long time and now I've finally found it Alhamdulillah! I have used Conatural's Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Lip Balm - Peppermint, Honey and Oatmeal Cleansing Bar, and Activated Charcoal Detox Bar. All these products work marvellously! I highly recommend Conatural! It's really awesome; I'm in love!"
Zahra Atif Mir

"For someone who perpetually struggles with dry hands despite trying all sorts of products and remedies, I was sceptical of how useful Conaturals ULTRA MOISTURISING ORGANIC HAND & NAIL CREAM would be; but bought it off the counter at Alfatah anyway. It took one application to realise that I had finally got lucky! Not only has this product restored moisture levels, it has an absolutely delightful scent! Applying in at any time of the day is a pure treat in itself. I recommend this product unconditionally to everyone."


Mahwish Malik

"I love how all the products by Conatural are so naturally rich and free of any kind of toxic chemicals. My favourite product is the Instant Glow Mask with Radiance Oil, it brightens and refreshes my skin in minutes and gives it a dewy finish!"
Urwa Hocane

"Conaturals Intense Growth Hair Oil to the rescue! With only five uses I already notice an incredible difference in length! Awaiting a miracle oil that transforms fine hair to thick hair - thanks in advance to Conatural!! Loving all the reviews and excited to get my hands on the Instant Glow Face Mask with Radiance Oil next to try!"


Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari


“If we didn’t believe deep in our hearts that these are the purest, healthiest, and most effective certified organic products in the world - we wouldn’t put our names on them.”


Myra Qureshi Jahangir & Rema Taseer - Founders Conatural