Relaxing Soak (1000g)

Crafted with precision, this immersive soak prepares the canvas for the pampering ahead, elevating self-care to an art form that only a distinguished brand like ours can provide.

Exfoliating Scrub (1000g)

With every refined motion, the grains delicately polish your skin, revealing a stunning luminosity. The subtlety of luxury is revealed in the velvety touch of your newly rejuvenated skin.

Hydration Clay Mask (1000ml)

Envelop your nails and skin in this exquisite mask, as the clays infuse each pore with revitalizing hydration. Invoking a lavish ritual that transforms your self-care into a luxury.

Relaxing Massage Cream (1000ml)

Conclude your journey with the embrace of our Relaxing Massage Cream, an embodiment of refined elegance. Let the velvety caress of this cream glide across your fingertips and toes.



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