Purple Shampoo (1L)

Experience the magic of our Purple Shampoo – the secret to banishing unwanted yellow tones from blonde and silver hair. It revitalizes your hair's brilliance while maintaining its purity.

Blue Shampoo (1L)

Expertly formulated to neutralize stubborn orange undertones. Whether you have fiery red locks or a warm brunette shade, this magical elixir will restore your hair's natural beauty, leaving it balanced, and absolutely stunning.

Keratin Shampoo (1L)

Unlock the true potential of your hair with our Keratin Shampoo. Enriched with the power of keratin protein, it strengthens and nourishes, leaving your hair irresistibly smooth and frizz-free.

Hair Conditioner (1L)

Indulge in the ultimate hair pampering with our Hair Conditioner. Crafted with care, it restores moisture, detangles knots, and provides the perfect finishing touch for luxuriously soft and manageable hair.

Hair Mask (300g)

Revive and rejuvenate your hair's natural beauty with our Hair Mask. This deep conditioning treatment is a spa day for your locks, repairing damage, and leaving them feeling silky, strong, and utterly radiant.



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