Your Skin Is Suffering In This Transitional Season— Here’s How To Care For It

Your Skin Is Suffering In This Transitional Season— Here’s How To Care For It
Think of your skin like a chameleon: it’s constantly changing colors. That is precisely why dermatologists and skin experts would warn you against choosing 1 skincare routine and following it blindly 365 days of the year. Your skin keeps changing according to what you’re feeling or what the weather is like. So why your skincare routine shouldn’t also be changing? As we move from the harsh winters to the bright spring, you need to start shifting more towards a summer skin care routine. I personally tend to—without fail—break out at this time of the year annually. While I had to learn the hard way that this time calls for a summer skincare routine, you don’t. Here are some changes you can make:

Get A Gentle Cleansing Balm

Cleansing balms are super underrated. Sometimes a simple face wash isn’t enough and this might be one of those times. During this transitional weather in Pakistan at least, there is a good breeze but it’s full of dust! Haneri, as they call it, is as bad as it gets for your skin because the dust comfortably sits on your face. A cleansing balm really gets into your skin and takes it out.

Exfoliate With The Right Chemical Ones

Many might start noticing that their skin is drying out and their solution is to reach out for physical exfoliators. Don’t be your skin’s enemy. Physical exfoliators may be more damage than benefit if not used carefully because the particles can give you micro-tears on your face. Instead, find out which sort of chemical exfoliator is made for your skin type and start using them.

Change The Face Wash

The overly hydrating face washes that help you out in winters may not be the best solution for summers. Your face wash for summer should be much gentler and focus on controlling oil. Try and opt for those that have niacinamide in them or those that gently exfoliate your skin. In transitional weather, your skin might also start drying out and so it’s best to use products that help with taking off the dead skin (gently of course!).

Oil Controlling Ingredients

Your skincare routine for this transitional weather should also now focus on different ingredients. So for instance, if your winter skincare routine was more focused on hyaluronic acid for hydration, now start shifting towards niacinamide. This ingredient in skin care products helps control oil on your face.

Moisturize Still, Just Differently

In winters your skin drinks up all the moisturization you may give it. However, when the seasons are about to change, that need for skin may start to become secondary to other needs. In this season, you might need to start opting for moisturizers for oily skin. These moisturizers are lightweight moisturizers that absorb quickly and have skin-soothing ingredients. Look out for hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, or aloe vera gel.

Change The Serums

Winter serums are usually oil-based serums that help pack in all the necessary moisture. However, if you’re using oil-based serums in summers, you might be asking your skin to break out itself. The best way to transition your skincare routine is to start opting for water-based serums that pack in all the goodness without clogging. Anti-acne serums or soothing serums are where it’s at.

Frequent Washes

Nowadays as it gets more humid and warm, it’s going to get tough with masks on. The best way to control breakouts as the season changes are to frequently wash your face with water or blot the oil out with blotting papers. This will ensure there isn’t a consistent build-up of bacteria on your face. Oh and, don’t forget to get re-usable masks that you can wash frequently!