Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on Liquid Gold for Hair & Face?

It’s a red flag if you didn’t know by the term ‘liquid gold’ that we’re talking about argan oil because that means you’re seriously missing out on the pure goodness this oil has to offer. But at the same time, this also means we get to tell you everything about it and make you aware of Conatural’s pure essential oil.

What is this Thing?

Argan oil is a secret we don’t want to gatekeep. It’s harvested from argan nuts that are sourced from the Argan tree and this tree is actually only found in Morocco! That is why it is referred to as the argan oil of Morocco.

The harvesting and sourcing is time-consuming, labor-intensive and super expensive which is why argan oil is your secret third thing­ - it’s a luxury but it is also a necessity. Argan oil for hair and face is as good as it gets with natural and organic skincare.

How Can You Use It?

The best thing about argan oil is that it is for the face and the body. The uses are endless and the results are always phenomenal. Let’s start harvesting the real goods which is knowledge!

Use It as a Moisturizer

This organic oil absorbs quickly in your skin and it also does not make you feel greasy and oiled which is why it’s a good moisturizer for the face (and the body) if you can handle something obviously heavier than a water-based product. It adds a seal to your skin protecting it from moisture loss.

It Helps With Blemishes

Are you tired of using chemicals to reduce the look and feel of blemishes? Behold the liquid oil, argan oil in Pakistan by Conatural because it can reduce the appearance of blemishes without drying your skin. This oil is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E, making it an amazing product for blemish-prone skin.

It’s a Leave-In Conditioner

You can massage a few drops of argan oil of Morocco into your hair to hydrate after washing it. It’s useful for people with dry hair or those who style their hair a lot with curling or blow-drying. It can be applied before styling as a heat protectant too or after to help with frizz.

Lip Softener

Our pure argan oil for hair and face is also the best product to direct your attention to because it can also smoothen your lips. You can alternatively mix argan oil with some grinded coffee/sugar and make your own natural lip scrub!

Nail Agent

It gets even better. This essential oil can be used for weak and brittle nails to make them healthier. You can regularly massage the oil to your nails and prevent them from breaking! Argan oil of Morocco is also known to encourage nail growth.

Now that you know the benefits, we hope you’re rushing to purchase your argan oil in Pakistan from conatural, your most-trusted place for organic skincare.