This Saffron Face Wash is a Game Changer for Oily Skin

This Saffron Face Wash is a Game Changer for Oily Skin
Finding the right skincare routine for you is like finding the perfect pair of pants: you have to go through a lot of options to find the perfect fit and the journey is full of unflattering moments, lots of money lost and disappointments. It even becomes more complicated and tricky when your skin type can be one of the difficult ones for example, oily skin. There is a myriad of factors affecting oily skin’s state and the way it can trigger acne so you are walking on eggshells.
However, lucky for you, we have developed a spot-on cleanser for oily skin that is the answer to all your prayers. Keep on reading, no promises that you might just find the best cleanser for oily skin by the time you’re finished with this reading.

The Saffron Face Wash

The saffron face wash is one of our latest three launches and it has been especially formulated to address and care for oily skin. It utilizes the powers of saffron, a natural ingredient that is known to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. These are two essential ingredients you need to look for in a cleanser for oily skin because oily skin, more often than not, leads to acne.
Saffron is the perfect natural ingredient that allowed us to retain our organic, clean skincare ethos whilst creating a targeted facial cleanser. This loved skincare ingredient is known to work against inflammation and hyperpigmentation in the skin too!

What Does It Do for Your Skin

This is the best cleanser for oily skin because it soothes and also reduces irritation on your skin whenever your skin is feeling tight or red for no reason. One of the biggest issues for oily skin is the high production of oil which tends to clog your pores and also result in blemishes. This saffron cleanser is formulated especially to control the oil production of your skin and bring it down to moderate levels. Ultimately, not only can you treat pre-existing blemishes and soothe them, you can also avoid recurrence by avoiding inflamed and enlarged pores and the development of acne.

Don’t Compromise on Cleanliness

The thing with most products formulated for oily skin is that they just tend to focus on the oily aspect and do not deliver on the function of the product itself. This Saffron face wash ensures that the characteristics of oily skin are controlled. However, it also ensures that—because it is a cleanser—it also effectively cleanses your skin.

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It removes dirt, oil and impurities from your face by dissolving them through the creamy SLS-free base it is made with. You get a clean canvas so other products can penetrate into your skin and be more effective while other issues associated with oily skin are also taken care of. Happy oil-skin controlling!